National - The black card

I was brought in to stop this type of carry on regardless of where on the field it happens

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Replying To Soma:  "You have highlighted the main problem with the black card there, fans still don't understand the rule and so constantly complain. Though the Galway man was dragged back twice he was not deliberately pulled to the ground so even in football it would have been a yellow at worst."
Well there is no hurl in football so id imagine if black card was in hurling holding a players hurl when trying to shoot would be classed as cynical

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Replying To Frederick:  "Just to say firstly. I am against the black card and cynicism of some sort is in every single sport.

Diarmuid Connolly said it not long after the all ireland final replay that the black card is a joke.
And what he said made complete sense.

He said a cynical foul is punished with a yellow card and ya get one more chance at that and if so you got a red (second yellow)

He said the rule they should have brought in was a straight red card for stopping a clear goal-scoring opportunity, which I think would be spot on.

Can anyone actually give me an example of a game where 3 black cards caused a so called cynical team to lose a match due to inferiority of numbers."
Twice in the league this year Cavan had to play at least 10 minutes near the end with 14 players because they had already used all their subs when a player got black-carded. Now that is down to bad management but it does show that the Black card can damage a team numerically.

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