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Same Name-Different Code XV

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What it says in the title, I compiled a hurling XV and football XV of players that share the same name, almost identically grammatically. Bit of fun to while away the free-time.

It was a tough endeavour, particularly trying to fit them in a way that was a semblance of a logical starting team. I know there is probably a glaring omission somewhere but my mind was only in half-working order!


Brian Mullins (Offaly)

Paul Murphy (Kilkenny)
Paul Curran (Tipperary)
John Doyle (Tipperary)

David Clarke (Limerick)
Peter Kelly (Dublin)
Stephen McDonnell (Cork)

Brendan Murphy (Offaly)
John Galvin (Waterford)

Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny)
John Keane (Waterford)
Kevin Moran (Waterford)

Kevin Foley (Wexford)- sweeper
Paul Flynn (Waterford)
Joe Bergin (Offaly)


David Clarke (Mayo)

Paul Murphy (Kerry)
Peter Kelly (Kildare)
John Keane (Westmeath)

Kevin Foley (Meath)
Kevin Moran (Dublin)
Paul Curran (Dublin)

Brian Mullins (Dublin)
Joe Bergin (Galway)

Paul Flynn (Dublin)
John Galvin (Limerick)
John Doyle (Kildare)

Steven McDonnell (Armagh)
Brendan Murphy (Carlow)
Tommy Walsh (Kerry).

I also came up with a hurling XV of players that share the same name, including manager to make it an even number:

Michael Walsh (Kilkenny); Brian Murphy (Cork,70s), Brian Murphy (Cork, 00s), Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny, 2018); Aidan Fogarty (Offaly), Michael Brick Walsh (Waterford), David Fitzgerald (Clare); Pat Delaney (Offaly), Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny, 00s); Richie Power, Sr. (Kilkenny), Pat Delaney (Kilkenny), Eoin Kelly (Waterford); Eoin Kelly (Tipperary), Richie Power, Jr. (Kilkenny), Aidan Fogarty (Kilkenny).
Manager: David Fitzgerald (Clare).

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