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Cracking Hurling Matches 2006-2019

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With all the time off during this period, I am watching a lot of tape and studying games. I have already watched all the All-Irelands from 1990-2019! The games below are picked from the championships from 2006 to 2019.

Does anyone know where to watch the following games? (They are not on youtube) If anyone has access to footage could you please post it on youtube and let me know here!!

KK Cork '19 QF (quarter-final).... Hoggie and Cadogan performance
Galway KK 18 Leinster Final (LF) replay
Cork Clare 18 Munster final (MF)
Waterford KK qualifier 17
KK Galway 16 LF
KK Galway 15 LF
KK Galway 14 Leinster SF drawn and replay 
Tipp Lim 14 Munster semi-final (MSF)
KK Lim 14 SF
Cork Tipp 14 SF
Cork Dub 13 SF
Galway Cork 12 SF
Lim Cork 11 MSF 
Tipp Wat 11 MF
Gal Offaly 10 LSF
Gal KK 10 LF
Wat Tipp 10 SF
KK Cork 10 SF
Galway KK 09 LSF
KK Wat 09 SF
Galway Cork 08 qualifier
Clare Cork 08 QF
KK Cork 08 SF
Wat Tipp 06 QF

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