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Replying To GDL:  "Well Mr Lane confirmed in Tuam yesterday he can't keep time. He played only 5 minutes. Now Cathal McShanes injury was nearly that alone. He gave nothing for other injuries or substitutions."
Now seriously come on, if he had of put up 8/9 minutes people would be giving out the same amount.

I think one thing that people are missing here is that the time to be added on is solely based on injuries or stoppages which occur in the additional time. The likes of a free being taken is not considered to be a stoppage it is part of the game, yellow cards if they are just on a free will not be added, but if it is in relation to an off the ball offence then it is a stoppage. With regards to an injury, if the player is just down for a few seconds, the clock will not be stopped for this and rightly so in my opinion.

When you look at this things, you will generally see that the majority of time the refs are not too far wrong with their time keeping. The likes if cynical play will not be removed by a count down clock, in fact it will become worse as you can see in the womens games when there is a tight finish. As per above yellow cards are not seen as a reason to stop the game, so the clock will still count down while this is being dished out by the ref.

I think if the clock was introduced we would see alot of people giving out about the cynical play that would increase and the game being slowed down even more in the last couple of minutes.

juicy (Meath) - Posts: 382 - 25/02/2020 08:26:04    2269955


Stop clocks are already in county grounds just use them

brisbane (Galway) - Posts: 408 - 25/02/2020 15:04:16    2270085