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Replying To KeshGFC:  "ach aye fair nuff. Hurson was good in so far as he was equally bad to both sides lol though I read where the umpires behind the town end goal called for a penalty and black card for cavan defender when Ciaran Corrigan was flattened with 10 mins to go. trouble is that Hurson already said he took a dive in first half so maybe he had him pigeon-holed in his mind as a diver and not to be trusted
That game was there for us, but you Cavan boys were more economical and quickly realised that ball into the square was going to pay off.
13 wides to 3 though ...says it all"
Aye indeed. We were economical enough, although did fluff a lot of ball in the forwards too. When Galligan got that point which he palmed over the bar in the 2nd half, you could see that there was something to be got there. Our first goal was fortunate enough in that Kiernan was looking for a point, but it came up short, the second was definitely being dropped into the box looking for Galligan though. Yeah the forward mark worked for us too. Scored 3 out of the 4 we got. That and all your wides makes for a difference alright on the scoreboard. Ye do shoot from odd angles though, a bit more forward work and playing men into position, or holding on when at a bad angle rather than shooting anyways, and you'd get more out of it. Didn't know that the umpires signaled for that, odd that happened but maybe ref had his mind made up as you say or had saw it differently.

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