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Supermac's Call For Investigation Into Galway GAA Sponsorship Spending

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Replying To PoolSturgeon:  "But my understanding is that the money mismanagement happened under the watch of the previous chairman and that those who have most questions to answer are no longer on the county board. The present chairman is the lightning rod for criticism now but if I'm not mistaken he is just 2 years in the job and was unanimously re-elected last year by club delegates at the county convention even after the first rumblings of this story were aired. Can only wonder why if he was unanimously re-elected he is now been portrayed as being at the root of the problem?"
Even if the people who caused this mess are gone they should be named. The problem goes back to at least 4 years ago

galwayfball (Galway) - Posts: 985 - 09/10/2019 14:16:36    2242363