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Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic

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Replying To Tacaí Liatroma:  "TG4 being in Irish wouldn't put anyone off who wanted to watch it. If there's a GAA game on the telly and you're interested in it, you'll watch it even if it's in Klingon."
I think your speaking for the minority there

DuhallowRed (Cork) - Posts: 18 - 19/10/2019 21:57:04    2244468


As predicted at the start of this thread, Congress would never vote against a Presedential proposal no matter how bad it is & despite all the protestations from the CPA & GPA, they would be taught who the real power brokers are in the GAA & so Tier 2 got over 75% of the vote from Congress. Congress were sending them a signal that they were in charge, just as they did with the motion on transparency.
The insult heaped on the Fixtures Schedule Committee by not allowing them finish & publish their report before voting on Tier 2 just emphasises that they don't care about club players & fixture schedules. The Committee is only a smokescreen to appear as if something is being done.
What is intersting is that some counties delegates who voted for this do so for political enhancement at GAA level rather than for the betterment of their county, these same people will be bitching in two years time when GAA is dead at club & county level in their counties. You won't even know how your delegates voted either as they ensured that last year by delivering a similar put down on transparency motion.
The main aim of the GAA was achieved today following on from their introduction of the Super 8's, that is that they have the elite teams playing each other more often to enhance what the TV rights companies want & to gain financially from that.
As for the arrogance displayed by the driver of this in rushing this through as the legacy & the "look I'm the guy with the power who gets things done.The disdain shown by dismissing all concerns by the Fixtures Schedules Committee, CPA & GPA on this matter shows that this was all about ego.
The leadership of the GAA is now taking the Association in a direction that people will now have to ask themselves, is this something I want to be a part of, the drive to elitism.
The second question that must now be asked is that if Congress is the embodiment of democracy within the GAA, is it really democratic at all ?

moc.dna (Galway) - Posts: 859 - 19/10/2019 22:17:36    2244471


Now that Horan has got his way it is only a matter of time until the present 16 who are 'guaranteed' tier 1 football will be whittled down to a Super 10 or 12 for a fully covered Sky 'championship' and to hell with the rest of the country, they may be admitted to the elite group by meeting criteria not exactly compatible with ability but with their ability to generate lucre for Sky and by a then unrecognisable GAA.....mark my words....this is where we are going. Disgraceful, sad to see chickens from the weaker counties acting like lemmings.

MillerX (Meath) - Posts: 604 - 19/10/2019 22:23:22    2244472


This is all about less games in qualifiers for the division one counties who are knocked out early in provincials ie Ulster, leaving them fresher for the super eights. It is a smokescreen and the 'weaker' counties who voted for it have fallen for it. They will be in a tier 2 final in front of 7 or 8,000 people in Croke Park, what benefit is that going to be to any of them.

fairly_shook (Leitrim) - Posts: 9 - 19/10/2019 22:44:08    2244473