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Day Out In An Empty Croke Park

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There is a piece by Martin Breheny today in relation to attendances they seem to be holding up well vs last year overall so perhaps attendances have bottomed out at this stage. The big games in Croker later on will tell us for sure.

GeniusGerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1729 - 14/06/2019 10:13:46    2194728


Replying To cuttothebone:  "We should put in correct underage structures? Brilliant idea! Will someone write that down??
Then we could do even better than be the best under 20's in the country.
Kildare and Meath are taking on Dublin gaa supported entirely and absolutely by the Leinster council and still we can match them underage. But that will change shortly too i believe so that Dublin underage will never play away from home either in the championship (to try maintain Dublins interest underage you understand)
How many Connacht titles would Mayo/ Ros have if Galway never played an away game?
How easy would it be to ask those same players to keep putting in the effort and stay on board if the Connacht council gave Galway all the ticket sales from every match in Connacht?
Mayo always have a fair shot at some silverware and even a chance of a final played in McHale park.
Thats why your players stick around with little turnover each year.
Ye really don't realise how well ye have it.
11/12 Leinster counties are in a different world in comparison."
Don't often agree with you but I do on this.
Meath minors u17 grade have beaten dubs last 3 years running, Kildare are dominant in u20 so to say we need to get out underage in order shows how little some in Dublin know or care about what is really happening in either Kildare or Meath. They just using cliches at this stage. Maybe they listening too much to t ose I don't know.

royaldunne (Meath) - Posts: 16378 - 14/06/2019 10:19:34    2194730