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Super League Posters Hitting A Purple Patch ?

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I went back to review this link - I have to say, Posters would be hard pressed to improve on the quality therein - esspecially, in pages 3 and 4. Where is GAA HQ in all of this ?

omahant (USA) - Posts: 1550 - 12/04/2019 03:39:57    2178525


Myself and the lads down at the pub discussed all the answers to the GAA's problems after a few pints last night. We've yet to hear comment from GAA HQ on that either!

Also, the Irish government, the EU, or the UN have yet to contact us for our various solutions to all the world's problems. Must be a conspiracy afoot.

CastleBravo (Meath) - Posts: 1223 - 14/04/2019 15:59:40    2178780


They all need to be in the pub.

omahant (USA) - Posts: 1550 - 15/04/2019 11:19:41    2178902