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Replying To perfect10:  "for me michael duignan response on twitter was a low blow.
for a man who is a strong advocate of calling it as he sees it,he doesn't like it when offaly are criticised.
mind you,all these Offaly ex players are comical ali esque on twitter,commentary on everything while their own county fall through the floor.
donal og only told the truth."
I have no idea what Michael Duignan said on twitter but if figuratively he made a swipe at Donal Og he was well within his rights. Donal Og quite clearly aimed his "regressive voices in the media from former Offaly players" comment principally at Duignan. In itself it was a low blow by Donal Og on a county that is down. Duignan has a preference for traditional hurling in the Kilkenny style (ie without sweepers). There is nothing wrong with that. But Donal Og's implication that former hurlers with traditional leanings have been holding back the county and have contributed to its present lowly status is such a arrant nonsense that it deserves to be exposed. If Duignan had a go at him on that more power to him.

PoolSturgeon (Galway) - Posts: 1285 - 17/03/2019 10:56:58    2172971


to me that is a a terrible response to a bit of criticism.i expect better from people paid by our license fee.

michael duignan and daithi regan and co have found nothing but faults with offaly,if its not that all matches should be played in birr where there are grassy banks,its the county board,its something else.

perfect10 (Wexford) - Posts: 3427 - 17/03/2019 14:25:23    2173045


Replying To yew_tree:  "Offaly have problems but it can only be sorted out from within. Implement a plan and stick with it.

Donal Og maybe should be more concerned with the fall of Cork....they have never recovered fully from the strike in my opinion. They have more GAA clubs than any other county and have the second biggest population...their support base in hurling is big but appears flakely and their football support is pathetic....

RTE pundits talk about promotion of the games...respect for all counties no matter their level or quality, yet they seem (this is especially true in football) to love the sound bits and running counties and individuals down...."
Don't talk about the footballers!

Donal Og has a very good reason for not turning the spotlight on Cork's recent failure at hurling. He was involved in the last strike which was nothing more than a mean-spirited attempt to get rid of Gerald McCarthy as manager. I don't believe people outside the county know just how much damage that particular strike did to Cork GAA. It poisoned the whole atmosphere in Cork GAA circles. It not only turned supporters against each other; it did the same for members of some families. It dd with mine.I will allow here that Cusack says in his book that himself and Gardiner were against the strike, that it was carried by the younger members of the panel, but he created the conditions for it to grow. Sincerely I hope that he never has anything to do with Cork GAA again.

Midleton (Cork) - Posts: 591 - 17/03/2019 15:49:28    2173076