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Merge The League And Championship

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Replying To PK57:  "My suggestion is to make the league into the championship. Keep the 4 divisions as is, but play home and away, this in turn guarantees every county at least 14 matches a year. Under the current system, a county like my own, will probably play around 10 matches a year(excluding O'Byrne cup). In division 1, the top 4 would go into the AI semi-final, while in the other divisions, the usual 2 promoted and 2 relegated would apply. As for the provincial championship's, what's the point? For Louth this year, a win over Wexford will see us then lose by 20 points + to Dublin."
I think the Provincial championships will remain.

They are important still for the likes of Louth. The Provincials currently still have a profile that can't be matched by a division 3 campaign. A county like Louth relies on this sort of profile to get sponsors in.

Carlow beating Kildare and getting a shot against Laois in a winnable semifinal would have been high enough profile for them. It's the chance of these sorts of runs or say Fermanagh's run to an All Ireland quarterfinal that can help those outside of the elite to get recognition and bring in sponsors.

The big problem though is that the current season of a league played in crap conditions, with a championship played 2 to 3 months later with only 2 guaranteed matches is not a good season for players or fans.

An NFL played alongside the provincial championships would be an ok answer.

Whammo86 (Antrim) - Posts: 2256 - 22/03/2019 20:03:35    2174430


Yes, I agree. To make things a bit more interesting - have 2 Prov Champs (after a KO Playoff Rd) join 6 teams that advance from the 3-division played-in-paralel NFL.

KO Provs - played as now, but with an exciting 4 Champs Playoff Rd and more equitable entry rds - 8 prior yr Finalists enter current yr 16-team SFs: 8 prior yr SF losers enter current yr QFs.
In Uls, 3 prior yr QF losers enter new current yr Rd 2 and 2 others play in Rd 1; while in Lein 1 QF loser and 6 other teams enter Rds 2 and 1, respectively.
Weakest teams in Muns still start in QFs; while Conn has the NY rd bfore their Last 6.

Championship/NFL- Divs 1, 2 & 3 of say, 11, 11 & 10.
Championships 2 & 3 - Top 4 in each to KO -
Final in each 1v2; (both promoted); Promotion Playoff 3v4 (winner only is 3rd promoted team).
Championship 1 - Top 6 to AIC KO with 2 Prov Champs (teams advancing twice to AIC SFs) - KO seeding based on NFL position.
Three up / three down.

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