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Parishes Covering Different County's./Province

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Replying To PoolSturgeon:  "I thought Tubber was totally Clare and Beagh, on the Galway side of the border, was a parish in its own right?"
Beagh is totally Galway but not Tubber. In fact Tubber post office is in Galway. If you google "Tubber, County Galway" and "Tubber, County Clare" it has some interesting info.



Trump2020 (Galway) - Posts: 961 - 02/03/2019 17:41:33    2169456


The Parish of Ballyragget in Co. Kilkenny covers both Laois and Kilkenny

Ben (None) - Posts: 92 - 03/03/2019 15:50:34    2169719