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Allianz Hurling League Prediction Thread

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Replying To katser:  "
Replying To PortInFaithful:  "Lads, can we keep this thread for predictions instead of having it clogged with discussion. There's already an Allianz Hurling League Discussion Thread on this board ---> link"
100% agree with you! It was fine until "that crowd" came on here blowing about their 1 All Ireland in 45yrs!!! Cork all the way for next weekend and that's for sure!"
We had 21 years to 1918, 33 to 73 and 45 to 2018, but ye had 36 to 1923, 57 (OMG) to 1980 and 29 to 2017. Get real every hurling county outside the big three have had long spells away from the top table.

Oldtourman (Limerick) - Posts: 1753 - 19/02/2019 20:03:37    2166443


Allianz Hurling League Round 4
Clare v Wexford - Clare
Tipperary v Kilkenny - Tipperary
Limerick v Cork - "Cork "
Offaly v Galway - Galway
Dublin v Waterford - Waterford
Carlow v Laois - Laois
London v Kerry - Kerry
Westmeath v Meath - Westmeath
Mayo v Antrim - Antrim
Down v Donegal - Down
Warwickshire v Derry - Derry
Wicklow v Kildare - Kildare
Louth v Armagh - Armagh
Roscommon v Tyrone - Roscommon
Monaghan v Lancashire - Monaghan
Cavan v Longford - Longford
Leitrim v Fermanagh - Leitrim

katser (Galway) - Posts: 241 - 19/02/2019 22:59:47    2166475