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The best part of 300 of the Leitrim diaspora expected to be travelling over from America for Saturday if reports are to be believed along with probably a similar kind of number (if not more) travelling from the UK and other parts of Europe. Most clubs in the county have buses laid on and no doubt the Sligo to Dublin trains on Saturday morning will be packed once leaving Carrick and Dromod stations. I really wonder will anyone be left at home to mind the house at all.

It really is great to see & I am really looking forward to our day out in Croker. 2006 was an awfully long time ago. We will enjoy if for sure and fingers crossed we will give it a good go. No reason why we can't.

juande_ramos (Leitrim) - Posts: 40 - 28/03/2019 17:01:56    2176057


yea myself and few other meath fans are heading into town early for a few pints because of the novelty of lietrim bringing a big crowd with them. whats the lietrim pub around croker?

dickie10 (UK) - Posts: 464 - 28/03/2019 20:56:53    2176083


Replying To dickie10:  "yea myself and few other meath fans are heading into town early for a few pints because of the novelty of lietrim bringing a big crowd with them. whats the lietrim pub around croker?"
Leitrim pub around croker?? Would that be The Weir Lodge in Roosky? It's the closest one !!

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 429 - 28/03/2019 21:50:54    2176096


Replying To OLLIE:  "I will tip Derry and Wexford for promotion and this week I will tip wins for Wicklow, Derry, Wexford and Limerick."
Wexford let me down big time but congrats to Leitrim on their promotion . I will go for Derry to win tomorrow.

OLLIE (Louth) - Posts: 12061 - 29/03/2019 17:40:07    2176263


Best of luck to Leitrim today as a fellow Connaught team, there are plenty of Leitrim people who have been in Croke Park in the past supporting Mayo but for those who are attending for the first time take in the whole day, the atmosphere around the ground, the hype and banter, walk up those steps behind the stands whatever side you are sitting in, take your time at the top and take in the entire view of the pitch and grounds if there is a big crowd already there the roar will lift your heart, it makes the blood pumping and once you have seen your team on that pitch you always want to see them there, Derry have been there in recent years so they already know the routine. This is an All Ireland title best luck to both teams but as a western county I have to put my support behind my neighbours in Leitrim, take the chance with both hands push for victory and the fans roar your hearts out, you are the 16th player, when things get tight your roar can push them on a few percent more, enjoy the game and safe journey to all supporters both heading to Dublin and heading home aftrewards

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1374 - 30/03/2019 08:07:04    2176340


I used to live in Carrick and have always had a soft spot for Leitrim. Will be in Croker today roaring ye on. Come on Leitrim!

the_walls (Mayo) - Posts: 407 - 30/03/2019 09:15:04    2176350


Well done to Derry deserved winners on the day more clinical and just that little bit better too. Our lads left it all on the field and we couldn't have asked any more from them. Our shooting and decision making let us down too often but hopefully our mainly young team will improve in this area in time , we've made huge strides in the last few months. Our support was incredible yesterday let's hope we won't be waiting so long to see croke park again. (Leitrim) - Posts: 356 - 31/03/2019 14:09:04    2176621