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Absentees From 2019 Limerick Hurling Squad

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Replying To perfect10:  "who is ronan lynch lads?is he related to cian?
maybe i am alone but i havent heard of him?"
He was full forward on the U21 team in 2013 and played for four years on U21 teams that won two All Irelands. He was probably Limericks best player on their path to the minor All Ireland Final in 2014. He was , for some inexplicable reason, played at corner forward in that final, having played at mid field all the year. He had been absolutely outstanding in the Semi Final win against Galway that year (at midfield). From a very young age he has been staring on NAP teams and as a 17 year scored two spectacular long range points from play against Portumna in an All Ireland Club Semi Final. That was on a bad wet evening when NAP forwards struggled big time to break down the Galswegians defence.

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