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Replying To Lockjaw:  "Nail on head. This agenda that Jim McGuiness is solely responsible for the demise of gaelic football is laughable as it is untrue. Jim's system worked - exhibit A - 2012 All Ireland. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and all that, but Jim's system worked because he had the players that could implement his plan both physically and tactically.

The way some people talk you'd swear Jim spent his days dictating to the rest of the country that his way was the only way. Thank Christ for Dublin and Jim Gavin and some original thought."
I didn't start this thread cause of any agenda. I'm posting here long enough and you know I hate the ideology that you have to play attacking football and teams should be allowed to play as they see fit. I've never ever had any issues with ulster football and have in fact attended many more games involving donegal and Tyrone as a neutral than anyone other county team.

My point is that for the majority her comments do seem a bit hypocritical when you consider donegal did adapt a very defensive approach in 11. And I'm not saying that's wrong at all, they nailed the balance in 2012 and where a fantastic team around then and have the promise and potential to be a brilliant team going forward competing with Dublin Kerry Tyrone and Mayo

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