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Tyrone V Dublin

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I'd love to play Tyrone again

Can't beat them enough ;) and there will be no messing around with the pitch dimensions

We'll beat yiz by 7+ in Croke Park

Dublin went into game management mode when having a solid lead up in Omagh and dropped a bit of intensity but still won.

If Tyrone can't beat Dublin in Omagh with plenty in their favour, they are not going to beat Dublin in Croke Park.

Let's see if Tyrone can beat Donegal on their home patch first...

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 18963 - 27/07/2018 12:03:08    2126690


I really rate Tyrone to be honest and if im honest i think they have been under performing for the past three years. They have the potential to be Dublins main rivals but i dont think they fulfilled their own potential. whether thats down to tactics, mentality or make up thats a different debate.

I will say teams compete with Dublin at different stages of games. Tyrone on Saturday changed tactics over every qaurter whether it was long high ball, running game, sitting back and countering or possession game. Dublin are well schooled in each and are well placed to adjust.

Im not sure any team has had us at the pin of our collar yet and you get a feeling Dublin are just managing games with a bit more in the tank. There are risks in that as you only know if that extra gear is there when you have to go into it and it can often lead to complacency. That said this group have an iron will and composure that ive yet to see truly rattled as to loose them a significant game, yes momentum may swing in various games or Dublin may go into game management mode. Im not sure have we ever really been truly rattled, maybe the semi in 2014 but that was more tactical for me, there was a 15 min period in the semi Vs Kerry i think it was 16 were Kerry scored a hail mary and followed up with second sucker punch just before half time, but that was luck as opposed to anything in my opinion, the first certainly the second perhaps there was a bit of a lack of composure alright. But we smacked them going into the last five odd minutes and will to win won the day.

Its one of the great strengths of this Dublin team, they are great players and collectively a great team but im not sure there has ever been a team with such a strong mental toughness and go through games even being down unrattleed. even in All Ireland finals Dublin just game manage and treat them like an O Byrne cup game.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2134 - 27/07/2018 12:27:48    2126700


Replying To waynoI:  "u ok hun ?

u upset the dubs came up to omagh and beat you despite all your bravado pre game about fans doing their jobs ? xx

and yes. you are lucky."
I'm on here long enough to remember you as being a young lad who loved Dublin football even when you were having little success beyond Leinster. A person quietly confident that their team would reach the great heights again. Now that this has happened I see somebody once quietly confident but humble having been replaced by an arrogant blow hard. I preferred the first lad. As we all know these things are cyclical and another team will come along to end Dublin's reign at the top. You remind me of the younger Tyrone fans who grew up in the noughties and developed an attitude that Tyrone deserved to be winning all the time. They were wrong. You are too. As my father used to say...."shit flies high when you hit it with a stick".Theres a few pearls in there for Ye Wayno :)

seanie_boy (Tyrone) - Posts: 4073 - 27/07/2018 14:46:16    2126750