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bad wides and inexperience cost cork today but well done tipp some comeback

mrsme (USA) - Posts: 105 - 27/05/2018 16:00:18    2104159


Well done Cork on giving us false hopes as usual

PyatPree (Cork) - Posts: 132 - 27/05/2018 16:18:51    2104164


Glad to get the draw after such a bad opening half. Fair play to Noel McGrath he hurled well throughout the game.

Thought Keenan gave Cork a couple of questionable frees in the 2nd half when we had built up a head of steam. But hey not bad getting a draw after being 9 points down.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2145 - 27/05/2018 19:11:29    2104252


McGraths pulled Tipp out of a hole today, thioguht they were sank. Cork got very sloppy and jittery around the half back and half forward line in the second half, they through that away and I feel the loss of Cadoagan will come into it more and more as the weeks go on. With Cadoagan in the team Cork can win the All Ireland, without him they cant, Simple. Cork through that away today and will feel deflated. Six day turn around will be tough for them and I think Limerick will take them in the pairc. Theyll be jaded after the last two weeks while Limerick will be fresh.
Fair play to Clare in the other match, impressive scoring and I feel they have an exciting settled team and expect them to at least qualify from the group. Waterford are doomed and I feel bad for Derek McGrath as injuries to Darragh Fives, Connors, Coughlan, Austin Gleeson, Pauric Mahony and De Burca will ultimately define this season, what I think will be Derek McGrath's last at the helm. Theyre looking a bit of a mess and a fixture in a neutral venue against a revived Tipp side is exactly what they dont want, They need to get some of the injured lads like Paddy Curran back. Kevin Moran's red card today will also prove very costly. Tough job for Waterford management this week trying to pick up the pieces, they look vulnerabke

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3108 - 27/05/2018 21:35:53    2104357