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What Are The Things You Miss Most In The GAA?

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Replying To Kurt_Angle:  "From reading you last post, the way you were taught English could do with a little work too."
Very harsh, he is just expressing his taughts, I seen many situations like this.......

moc.dna (Galway) - Posts: 622 - 25/05/2018 19:40:23    2103849


- Free kicks off the ground
- Good shoulder tackles
- Good shoulder tackles not being blown up by an eejit with a whistle
- Bad cars in the car park at Clones; in the boot: tea in lucozade bottles, wrapped in teatowels, home made apple tarts - and jump leads
- Causing a bomb scare in Botanic train station in Belfast when I left my heavy club bag (full of college books) under a bench in the station when I nipped out to buy a lucozade
- Two men trying to outfield each other
- No sponsors on the jerseys
- Linesmen using hankies as flags
- Old engine oil used to mark out the pitch
- Spectators with newspapers for umbrellas
- The big unskilled boy from the reserves brought on to bust up the play
- 'Longer is better' kickouts to nobody
- Black football boots with hard toes and screw-in aluminium studs
- Headbands

essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 491 - 25/05/2018 22:26:59    2103872


When the cork hurlers were actually a force in hurling

PyatPree (Cork) - Posts: 283 - 26/05/2018 00:15:02    2103892


The hum from the crowd starting from the first people that could see him warming up. No man could lift a team or a set of supporters or put fear in the opposition by simply warming up like him. His powers had waned at that stage but what a man to bring on when we were in trouble. The great Willie Joe.

GreenandRed (Mayo) - Posts: 4946 - 26/05/2018 08:31:27    2103901


- - No Artane "Boys" Band.
- - No Free hand out of team selections with your ticket.
- - No Three substituations.
- - No official added minutes after 70.
- - No official / ref. wired to the moon with ear pieces, mouth pieces, etc.
- - No Blood substituations.
- - No compulsory Tee for kick out's.
- - No guessing what the Ref. blew the whistle for.
- - When the name given to a county grounds was thought to be for ever.
- - When inter county training was one or two nights a week and playing for
- - your club was as required.
- - When the shortest distance to the goal was going forward in a straight line.
- - When the decided venue for any game was set in stone.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1850 - 29/05/2018 22:33:08    2105431