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A Game Without Freekicks

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Watching Galway and ourselves on TG4. We seem to go to ground a bit easier within freekick range. I think it's partly to do with a lack of confidence that our forwards can consistently score from play. Colm Boyle should have been booked for diving in the first few minutes.

Has their even been a tournament, could be underage, where there are no frees given? Players could be booked but the advantage is given to a team whose player is fouled but play continues. Clearly I haven't thought that bit out too well, how they get an advantage without a freekick, so I'm open to suggestions or slagging/abuse for a stupid suggestion. It might reduce the amount of messing looking for frees and improve the standard of football from play.

GreenandRed (Mayo) - Posts: 4857 - 11/02/2018 14:39:57    2075788