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Allianz Hurling League Prediction Thread

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Allianz HL Division 1A round 3 some games in all divisions v hard to call
Tipperary v Wexford= Tipp
Clare v Cork = Clare
Waterford v Kilkenny = Kilkenny

Allianz HL Division 1B round 3
Limerick v Dublin = Limerick
Laois v Antrim = Laois
Galway v Offaly = Galway

Allianz HL Division 2A round 3
London v Carlow = Carlow
Kildare v Kerry = Kerry
Meath v Westmeath = draw game

Allianz HL Division 2B round 3
Wicklow v Donegal = Wicklow
Derry v Mayo = Mayo
Down v Armagh = Down

Allianz HL Division 3A round 3
Louth v Warwickshire = Warwickshire
Roscommon v Longford = Roscommon
Monaghan v Tyrone = Monaghan

Allianz HL Division 3B round 3
Fermanagh v Leitrim = leitrim
Lancashire v Cavan = lancashire

preddan (Kildare) - Posts: 283 - 16/02/2018 18:38:21    2077479


Allianz HL Division 2A round 3
Meath 1-18 Westmeath 1-19, Trim - FT

keeper7 (Longford) - Posts: 3675 - 17/02/2018 16:54:44    2077701


Allianz league round 3
Tipp vs Wexford- Tipperary
Cork vs Clare-Clare
Waterford vs Kilkenny -Waterford

Limerick vs Dublin-Limerick
Laois vs Antrim-Laois
Galway vs Offaly-Galway

London v Carlow -Carlow
Kildare v Kerry-Kerry
Meath v Westmeath-Westmeath

Wicklow v Donegal-Donegal
Derry v Mayo -Mayo
Down v Armagh-Down

Louth v Warwickshire -Louth
Roscommon v Longford-Longford
Monaghan v Tyrone-Tyrone

Fermanagh v Leitrim-Leitrim
Lancashire v Cavan -Cavan

Dtownhurler (Wexford) - Posts: 58 - 17/02/2018 19:01:58    2077735