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2018 Match Attendance Thread

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Replying To MesAmis:  "Myth.

According to people it's either 20k, 25k, 30k, 35k, 40k, 45k.......

There's no set number. Costs go up and down depending on the number and they plan accordingly."
Ah fair enough , I had read somewhere it was 35,000.

There is some game of football on tg4 at the minute between Galway and mayo ladies only a goal in it.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 6470 - 11/02/2018 13:19:16    2075761


I recall that rumor too, 30k to break even on opening Croke Park was the work at the time. I have seen that myth dispelled from an official source recently. Apparently even a crowd of 5k would be ok to open it. That makes sense otherwise they would be making a loss on most Dublin league matches where even though the crowds are decent the tickets are cheap + the junior and intermediate club finals and the Div 3 / 4 finals.

dahayeser (Cork) - Posts: 244 - 12/02/2018 10:45:31    2076129


Good crowd at Galway v Mayo in freezing conditions in Salthill - 9,850

dahayeser (Cork) - Posts: 244 - 12/02/2018 10:46:07    2076130


College Spirit: Why are student populations not attending third-level GAA games?
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SlipperyDodger (Cork) - Posts: 50 - 13/02/2018 15:38:17    2076569


Attendance in Thurles for Tipp v Wexford 8,358

SlipperyDodger (Cork) - Posts: 50 - 17/02/2018 20:22:39    2077754


2,604 at Limerick v Dublin tonight in the Gaelic Grounds. That is a very very poor attendance. How many Limerick fans will jump on the bandwagon if they string one or two wins together in the Munster Championship in June? I wonder did anyone travel from Dublin?

SlipperyDodger (Cork) - Posts: 50 - 17/02/2018 22:29:04    2077788


Clare v Cork 4,945

3,000 at the Harty Final between Ard Scoil and Midleton CBS

dahayeser (Cork) - Posts: 244 - 19/02/2018 10:49:28    2078257


6500 in breifne park for cavan v meath. big crowd for a div 2 game.

southtyronegael (Tyrone) - Posts: 18 - 19/02/2018 11:00:11    2078262


Replying To southtyronegael:  "6500 in breifne park for cavan v meath. big crowd for a div 2 game."
Neighbours with an old & bitter rivalry.

keeper7 (Longford) - Posts: 3680 - 19/02/2018 14:10:29    2078353