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Moorefield v St Loman's

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Bit harsh there - don't think the lad was showboating. He just scored what he though was the winning goal and was entitled to celebrate. Lots of lessons learned for sure. Bernard Flynn didn't spare them on the radio - he queried the subs used and that he was just giving lads a token run etc. I have some sympathy for O'Loughlin in that the free was originally placed in the wrong location but he should have queried it with ref or linesman instead of kicking it away. Of course the free was off target but who was there to keep it in play and punch across the goal only the bold Roly ! Incredible.
This could either make or break Lomans. Will Luke stay on and go again or will he walk. Lomans still no. 1 in Westmeath but the gap is closing. Have they enough to get back to a provincial final - I'm not so sure.

BigSur (Westmeath) - 18/12/2017 12:19:22    2065508


Replying To wd45:  "Lomans got what they deserved. They tried to be to clever wasting time and throwing the ball back for the free. Lomans fans complaining about the ref need to have another look at the game. I remember Sweeney picking up a ball in the 2nd half and get a shoulder straight in the face and lomans actually got a line ball from it. Number 11 sticking his tongue out and pointing at the crowd should feel embarrassed today."
I don't think the player was throwing the ball back to waste time he was throwing it back so that the free was taken from the correct position. It was at least 5 yards forward from where it should have been only to be then brought forward another 10 yards.

panamasam (Australia) - 18/12/2017 12:20:27    2065509


Replying To wd45:  "He had a good 10 mins. If your going to be show boating and pointing out to the crowd you have to make sure you win the game. You look foolish when you do it and then lose. I didn't see much sign of him in the last 10 mins when it mattered."
Yes you're being harsh on him. He was outstanding in the second half. Finished up with 1-2 and got involved in many of Loman's other scores after the break. I expect to see him starting in the half forward line for Westmeath next year.

Toney (Meath) - 18/12/2017 12:28:39    2065510


What a finish to the match yesterday. I was shouting for Loman's. I like John Heslin. Well done to the Moores. The Loman's will probably not have a better chance to win a Leinster senior club title. As a Louth man I am used to heartaches so I know how the Mullingar men feel.

OLLIE (Louth) - 18/12/2017 12:55:05    2065516