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Fair Play Diarmuid Connolly

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Replying To neverright:  "Obviously a case of selective amnesia. Maybe you have been celebrating too much, and I don't blame you. When I watched the game I clearly saw Keegan scoring a thunderbolt of a goal and he would probably have scored a second if two Dublin players had not combined to drag him down on the edge of the square. When you consider that he also completely dominated Kilkenny, you would have to say that was an impressive day's performance. Easily the outstanding player in the country over the past few years."
Your very own Kevin Mc stay said after the Kerry game that mayo should start him on the bench for the final...

jacktheDub (Dublin) - Posts: 763 - 23/09/2017 15:41:13    2049615


Replying To Iamlegion666:  "He doesn't divide opinion at all, we all know he's a great player, we just can't respect him for the way he carries on like he's 14."
Well at least he didn't throw his gps unit at anyone like a 14 year old kid might do, Connolly was brilliant when he came on and should have started, he won the game for Dublin, himself and Mc Manamon.

Tirchonaill1 (Donegal) - Posts: 524 - 23/09/2017 15:56:25    2049621


Replying To jacktheDub:  "Wrong again!!!! watch the game again and stop taking everything some pundits say as Gospel..KilKenny had 7 possessions in the last 15 mins when ye were out scored 4 to 1."
Exactly! When it counts!!

Jackeen (Dublin) - Posts: 3556 - 23/09/2017 17:19:24    2049640


Replying To Joxer:  "I actually said this before the game, you need more Keegans. He's a great man marker but you mark Kilkenny then Mannion will hurt you, you mark Mannion and Connolly will do the damage. As much as Keegan kept Kilkenny quite, apart from his goal, Kilkenny kept Keegan anonymous But for a poor effort at a point, a yellow card and an attempt to hurl a GPS, he was out of the limelight. He was anonymous in the semi final against Kerry also. Great player? Yes when he concentrates on ball. Best player in the country? No chance."
any team needs more keegans..the guy is incredible

alano12 (Dublin) - Posts: 2192 - 23/09/2017 20:07:16    2049706


Replying To Joxer:  "We'll agree to disagree. Yes he scored a goal and he kept Kilkenny under wraps but Kilkenny also kept him quiet, apart from that lapse of concentration. Outstanding player of last few years???? Certainly not. Outstanding player in his position? Probably."
anyone who says keegan isnt among the top 3 at the bare minimum outstanding player of the last number of years is a cheerleader, no more no it or not but he has done a pretty good job on connolly every time...fair play to diarmuid for having such an impact on sunday after all the noise and pressure..proved how important he was

alano12 (Dublin) - Posts: 2192 - 23/09/2017 20:14:58    2049713


Fair play Diarmuid for playing well, up to your potential, and managing to not get sent off or involved in any controversial incidents.

Now i think it's high time to start threads for all the other Dublin players who played well and steered clear of sendings off etc. Ciaran Kilkenny and Cormac Costelloe tut tut.

I'll start the Stephen Cluxton, Philly McMahon, Cian O'Sullivan, James McCarthy, Con O'Callaghan, Dean Rock, Kevin McMennamon and Paul Mannion fair play threads in the morning. I think that should cover my end.. Maybe other posters can start the Mayo players Fair Play threads for those who played well and didn't get into mischief.

Laois76 (Laois) - Posts: 1270 - 25/09/2017 23:39:26    2050528