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Replying To PoolSturgeon:  "Awful muck. I don't care even if we go on to win Sam this year, I would have to be PAID to attend a Gaelic football game anymore. Watched the entire thing on TV and that felt like a sacrifice considering there was an exciting World Cup final on the other channel."
And they very same folk were moaning when Tipp and the Rossies ran through us in recent yrs. Of course it is always not pretty to watch. Wake up and smell the coffee. Most if not all teams don't play 15 on 15. And for the record the last decent WC final was '86 with soccer in general way worse as a spectacle than gaelic football. Worse still most of those guys are a bunch of overpaid prima donnas.

kiloughter (Galway) - Posts: 1276 - 16/07/2018 21:28:15    2122914