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SKY Sports All Ireland Final Coverage?

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Hi folks, first of all Congrats to Dublin, a fantastic team, they continue to set the bar for Gaelic Football in the 21st Centuary.
Yes they have so many advantages over the rest of us nowdays, but rather than begrudge them, we should use them as an example an inspiration and use their standard to get all our own County teams in order.
Not easy and It will take time dedication & money, but that is what we as Gaels thoughout Ireland and beyond should be looking at and finding ways to achieve this.
Was a great All Ireland Final, I thougherly enjoyed an exciting game, Mayo fell just short again, have to feel for them, the wee breaks needed to come out on top in a tight game just did'nt go their way. On another day O'Connors free that hit the post and fell to a Mayo forward to have a free shot on Goal, All iff's & buts I suppose but in the end it was nerves of Steel from Dean Rock that won the day for Dublin.
Anyways back on Topic, just wondering if anybody recorded or have link (dailymotion or similar) to SKY's All Ireland final coverage?
I wathched the Game on RTE, but it would be intersting to hear what the Sky pundit's thought of it all & their analysis of the game & its good and bad points that yet again seem to have been overlooked on our National Broadcaster's flagship Sunday Game Programmes..........

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