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Leaving Cert and the GAA

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Not sure if a GAA forum is the 'in place' for students of Leaving Cert age BUT in the event we have any of you here (or any of you that decided to go back and sit your leaving cert like my own mother did a few years ago) I wish you the best of luck with your results and hope you've all done well. Personally, I did cr*p in my leaving cert but have landed myself a half decent job where I'm happy so just remember, results aren't the be all and end all and you'll find your own niche in life :)

GaaGaa78 (UK) - Posts: 285 - 16/08/2017 10:17:40    2034039


Best of luck to all getting their results today and don't worry if you don't get what you want. There are many options out there.
I have done many interviews since my leaving cert and have never once been asked about it.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 9358 - 16/08/2017 11:13:36    2034084


Absolutely, there's usually a back route into any career path if you're willing to invest the time and money to get there. Best of luck to all the LC students.

Gleebo (Mayo) - Posts: 1540 - 16/08/2017 13:52:29    2034206


Also, it's far, far more important to be happy in life than to get good exam results or have a good career, necessarily. If you're not enough without those things, you'll never be enough with them.

Gleebo (Mayo) - Posts: 1540 - 16/08/2017 13:59:03    2034207


And if all else fails. Carlow IT now have a nice GAA course going with next to no points needed ;)

GameOfTyrones (Tyrone) - Posts: 461 - 16/08/2017 15:18:24    2034271


High time you can score points for your Leaving Cert for physical activity and playing sports.

Laois76 (Laois) - Posts: 1270 - 17/08/2017 22:25:00    2034932


I did my Leaving Cert back in 1993 and put a huge effort into it. I was all over the place in gaelic matches for a few months after, it takes a fair bit out of you. Any other posters have similar experiences? Then fellas on the sideline who never studied keep advocating that you need a good kick up the a*se!!

Laois76 (Laois) - Posts: 1270 - 18/08/2017 17:22:39    2035189


well done to Westmeath County Board for fixing a round of minor hurling fixtures on the evening of the results

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1548 - 18/08/2017 19:04:05    2035218


Fair play to Laura Stack on achieving 800 points and managing to play minor and senior camogie for Limerick. Just shows it can be done and balance of lifestyle is important.

Laois76 (Laois) - Posts: 1270 - 18/08/2017 19:13:35    2035221