Ó Sé calls for end to 'bastardised game'

November 12, 2017

Marc Ó Sé is a coach with CBS Tralee.
©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.

Marc Ó Sé has described the International Rules series as a 'bastardised game' that needs to be put out of its misery.

"I know that people say that one of the great positives the series provides the GAA is that it gave us the opportunity to represent our country - but I never felt like an international player," the former Kerry defender wrote in the Mail on Sunday ahead of this morning's first Test in Adelaide, which ended in a 10-point defeat for Ireland.

"It is not like representing your country at rugby and soccer, where you are playing your game in a global tournament which you know matters.

"We were playing a makey-up game two times a year and against the same opponents every time. That's not just a poor man's version of international sport, that's a desperate man's version."

With the Kerry SFC not starting until September next year because of the new inter-county championship structure, Ó Sé fears clubs will suffer most if the series continues.

"If the club is truly the pillar of the Association, then it should be in no way undermined for the benefit of a small number of elite players playing a bastardised game with a dodgy past and a non-existent future," he added.

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