"If you start negative, the day will likely continue that way"

April 16, 2019

Dublin's Philly McMahon and John Small celebrate with the Sam Maguire Cup after the All-Ireland SFC final victory over Tyrone at Croke Park. ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.

Philly McMahon has highlighted the power of positive thinking.

The 31-year-old has overcome many challenges to win six All-Irelands with Dublin and refuses to become weighed down by negativity, going so far as the welcome a bit of pain first thing in the morning:

“Too many people start off the day on a negative, giving out about going to work, school, or the weather. If you start negative, the day will likely continue that way,” the teak tough and imminently quotable Ballymun man is quoted in The Irish Times.

“What you do in the morning sets you up for the day. Start with one thing positive, and that can start a cycle, to stay motivated for the day. Start on a negative, and that might continue, and suddenly the day is gone.

“So for me that bit of pain in the morning is a good thing, also gives you a warning, a reminder to have a stretch out, get the right nutrition in, start the recovery. The days you wake up and you aren’t sore are the ones to worry about. You need the little alarm bells. That bit of stress can help you. And I have my own little rituals in the morning to deal with that.”

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