Galway finances "in a solid state", says resigning Hynes

September 22, 2018

A Galway flag flies proudly in the crowd

Galway GAA CEO John Hynes has branded the timing of his resignation as “unfortunate”.

The county’s clubs are due to receive details of an internal audit of the board’s finances next week, with Galway currently servicing a €3.1 million loan from Central Council to purchase a 103-acre site at Mountain South which is now valued at just €750,000.

Speaking to Galway Bay FM, Hynes, who was appointed to his full-time role in 2011 before resigning on Thursday night, said that “the overall finances in Galway GAA are in a solid state”.

“I just felt that it was appropriate at this stage to announce my intention not to renew my contract of employment with the Central Council of Croke Park to allow the club ample time to identify, select and elect a new county secretary at the upcoming convention in December.

“The timing is unfortunate. There is no doubt about that. The overall finances in Galway GAA are in a solid state and things are improving. I think that will be evident this year at the county convention when the county treasurer presents the financial report for the year.

“Our income streams are up. We have generated an awful lot of goodwill over the last number of years, particularly because of our senior hurling team’s involvement in All-Ireland finals.

“And the very significant progress that’s been made by our football teams over the past number of years.”

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