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Loughnane tears into Galway - 7 Like(s)
His piece is way over the top . The match yesterday was very competitive and hard fought for 60 minutes. The better team with the greater resources pulled away in the end . Tactically in the second half Brian Cody's positional changes made a big difference . The article in relation both to the Galway players and Michael Donoghue is overly personal and very bitter . Ger's standards of journalism are poor even by the standards of tabloid journalism.

Greengrass (National) - 04/07/2016 17:00:26

You Couldn't Pay Me To Go And Watch A Game Of Football - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Convert1:  "Neil Moyna's of DCU comment on current senior and intercounty football not to mention 3rd level inter college being a turn off. What do folks think. For me I have to agree with him that defensive systems and 14/15 men behind the ball in your own half is a turn off. Hurling or rugby now have far more appeal. No enjoyment to watch and I can imagine no enjoyment to play as well. Maybe the 5 new rules being tested might breath some life into the game. For a game I enjoyed to play, coach and watch now becoming something i do not feel worth watching anymore."
Niall Moyna said, "you couldn't pay me to go and watch a game of football". His own county, Monaghan had a great season . They won 5 games in Division One and beat Dublin in Croke Park. They then got to an All Ireland semi final . They played 9 championship matches winning 6 of them drawing with Kerry in a cracking game and losing 2 matches. Moyna went to none of those games. However he told us that he did attend one inter county this year. What game was that ? You got it .... the All Ireland Final. According to himself he can't stand football yet he takes up a seat that many football fans would have loved to be in.

Greengrass (National) - 30/12/2018 17:39:51

Kerry have it easy. - 7 Like(s)

Replying To jacktheDub:  "Lads ye are trying to defend the indefensible ye have a huge advantage based on geography. Before the qualifiers ye could play 3 games to get to an all ireland final. That amount of games would only play a leinster final that's another advantage. Win 2 games in a hurling province and ye were in a semi final. Your great team of the 70's had to beat Tipperary, Cork, Sligo to get to an ALL-IRELAND final one year!!!!. As I mentioned your conversion rate from munster to all ireland's is poor due to the annual cake walk against hurling counties."
Rubbish. There is no such thing as an easy All Ireland. To win the All Ireland you will eventually have to beat the best teams in the land. Ultimately despite the fact that they come out of a "hurling" province each year to win an All Ireland that is what Kerry have had to do.The one constant in Gaelic football is Kerry. They consistently throughout the history of Gaelic football have produced great teams. Other counties have produced a great team and then disappeared. The badge of authenticity for each of these counties greatest teams is that they have beaten Kerry. Look at Wexford between 1913-18 . Look at Kildare in the twenties, Roscommon and Cavan in the forties, Galway and Down in the sixties, Dublin in the seventies, Cork in the eighties, Armagh and Tyrone in the noughties and now this great Dublin team. Every one of them beat Kerry. The greatest team of them all was the Kerry team of the seventies. As I said there is no such thing as an easy All Ireland. Kerry have won 37 of them. The reason for that is because they consistently produce outstanding teams whilst other counties come and go. As for this guff about Kerry in to Leinster or Ulster don't make me laugh !!! If Kerry werte in Leinster there would be a lot less Leinster titles to go around for Leinster counties including Dublin. The same would hold true of Ulster and Ulster counties. The reason that Kerry have more All Irelands than any other county is because they are the best football county.

Greengrass (National) - 02/08/2017 13:12:27

Dublin V Kildare - Is This Not Being Televised? - 7 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Are Dublin not box office? The capital would surely naturally have big viewing figures by size of population?"
The only provincial football game bar the finals being shown by RTE is Tyrone v Donegal . RTE should hang their heads in shame .

Greengrass (National) - 04/06/2019 11:21:43

Connelly/Holmes - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Mayonman:  "very self serving article. to have a go at AOS, whatever you think about him, for trying to get a bit of career for himself says so much about their mgt style. memo to holmes/coneelly ..........it is an amateur sport and u are not entitled to interfere with a players career. not a very holistic approach to management. hanging a player out to dry over expressing a preference for a keeper. not great lads. maybe players should have no opinions?? players kept their reasons private and so should the x mgmt. they have now started to make it personal. reflects badly on them. going on about humiliation......................grow up. u were dropped as managers. players get dropped every week and have to roll with it. I think their is a cult of manager out there who will drown in their own self importance! PS don't be misled by my name..........................I'm a Galway man to the core and actually enjoying this a bit:-)"
Wrong. The players didn't keep their reasons private as you say. The players didn't have the courage or the decency to give Holmes and Connelly the reasons for their discontent. That meant that the management team was not able to defend itself . There was nothing private about this . Holmes and Connelly were very publicly humiliated . This was entirely orchestrated . Subsequently the players presented the county board with a list of demands with a deadline of four days from the date of receipt of the list given for accedence to the demands . This was accompanied by a threat of strike if the demands weren't acceded to . The reason the players wanted all this done behind closed doors is because they knew well what the public reaction would be . There was nothing honourable in how they went about their business .

Greengrass (National) - 19/12/2016 17:22:15

Joe Canning - not fit to lace Shefflin's boots - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Pinkie:  "There is absolutely no doubting the supreme talent of Joe Canning, and he is often compared to Henry Shefflin in terms of ability and skill. For me, that is where the similarities start and finish. There is 1 huge difference, when Kilkenny needed Shefflin most, Shefflin delivered. I'm thinking of the drawn final a few years ago, when Kilkenny were all at sea, Shefflin took the game by the scruff of the neck and single handedly dragged Kilkenny back into the game and got them over the line and a replay. When Shefflin was missing, in finals v Tipp and v Cork when he was sent off, Kilkenny struggled. When Galway need Canning most, Canning is missing and nowhere to be seen. Yesterday typified this. And this has been the story of Joe. He has the ability to score a wonderful goal, but for me he is not fit to lace Shefflin's boots. Am I being too hard on him? Is it because he is marshalled so well and people think stop Joe stop Galway? I personally would never want to be relying on Joe to win a match for me, Shefflin I would bet my life on winning a match for me."
Yes you are being too harsh on him . Henry Shefflin is the best forward I have ever seen . The comparison you make is unfair for one simple reason . Henry Shefflin never had to play against these great Kilkenny teams .

Greengrass (National) - 04/07/2016 16:50:46

Shane Ross Comments On Facilities - 6 Like(s)

Replying To DonaldDuck:  "You are kind of proving my point in saying "Think over 2018/2019 so far there has been at least 4 new rugby clubs set up". Rugby is on the crest of a wave at the moment. Imagine how many rugby clubs would be set up if they were granted access to the GAA pitch on every town and village in the country? A lot more. Why would the GAA facilitate a rival sport to spring up in village where they are already tight on numbers? tomhealycork (Cork) - Posts: 19 - 2/1/19 3:29:48 PMNobody has said sports clubs(why are you only saying rugby???) should be given access to any/every GAA pitch??"
The point you are missing is that your suggestion is one way street . There are no rugby or soccer stadia in this country which are capable of hosting Gaelic Games . The pitches are too small . The only organisation which has the stadia to ground share with other sports is The GAA. The argument that any organisation that is in receipt of taxpayers money/government grants when developing new playing facilities should be compelled to facilitate other sports is a nonsense . If that point of view becomes policy then it must be applied to all field sporting organisations not just The GAA. If Leinster Rugby were to develop their own stadium and were in receipt of government grants they would have to lay a pitch that was big enough to accommodate Gaelic Games with all the extra costs that would entail as a result of the increase in the size of the stadium . If Dundalk FC were to develop a new stadium they too were they in receipt of government grants would have to lay down a pitch that was big enough to accommodate Gaelic Games with all the extra costs that would entail . It's another example of Shane Ross who is the archetypal political chancer jumping on the bandwagon of a popular issue without engaging his brain . What he knows about sport could be written on the back of a stamp .

Greengrass (National) - 01/02/2019 17:20:03

The weather and the Euros! - 5 Like(s)

Replying To tearintom:  "So attendances are down or to paraphrase "somewhat down" this year for our GAA matches. But its the weather even though i would say myself that the weather is no different than a normal Irish summer. Then there was the Euros, 2 of irelands 4 games were on a monday and thursday, one was on at 2pm on a saturday with i think maybe 3 qualifier games affected, the other on a sunday with 2 games in Croke park moved to accomodate the Ireland euro game against France. The term "somewhat down" lends me to believe its not and insignificant drop and i dont believe the timing of the euros game had that much affect at all seeing as the main games that were on the 18th and 26th of June didnt clash at all with the Euros. Could it be that people are just not attending games in the same numbers because whats being served up is simply not as enjoyable as it was in both codes despite the protestation by some that we are looking at intriguing tactical chess battles that the ordinary punter just doesnt understand! Wait, whats that in the corner of the room, couldnt be an elephant could it?"
It could also be down to the fact that both Leinster Finals were almost certain to be the "same old same old" and the Munster football final did not feature Cork . My family have 3 Premium seats between us in Croke Park. We literally could not give them away and I mean give them away for either Leinster final . People were not prepared to pay the train fare to go and see what they felt were entirely predictable games . That has nothing to do with the way the games are being played . It has all to do with the lack of competition. Clones was filled to capacity for the Ulster Final. That final was the epitome of all you profess distaste and disdain for . People want competition and contests . Last year's figures show an increase in attendances in Ulster for the fifth successive season . This is the province which has seen attendances of up to 10,000 for McKenna Cup Finals. I think you have seen what you want to see in terms of attendances and have gleefully attributed that to your theory of how the game is played . That is a little simplistic and you need to create time for a little more mature reflection . Wucklowman harked back to a time when midfielders were midfielders and the game was played "as it should be played". Maybe both of you should look at the attendance figures and scores for All Ireland semi finals and finals in the late seventies and early eighties .

Greengrass (National) - 27/07/2016 11:33:22

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 5 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "Cake walk titles most of them Complete dominance and only for a push in the back would have been a very handy 5 in a row playing very few matches, and given how uncompetitive most of those were.. It's Very clear the level of opposition just weren't anywhere near good enough. A poor era. Teams playing 3 games to win an AI is ridiculous. Very large winning margins year after year. Utter dominance. Now compare that to this decade and the far superior competitive nature to the titles collected by the various winners. It's very telling that Kerry had it pretty easy. 15 games to win 4.. it took Dublin 28 to win the same amount of titles. Almost twice as difficult and zero cake walks."
I was there at all of those semi finals and finals Jimbo. That was a brilliant team. They are the best I have ever seen. As a very young team they took out Dublin's last great team prior to this great Dublin team. Like this Dublin team they had a core of great players who lasted a long time. Kerry didn't have it easy. They had to take out a Cork team in the 70s that had won an All Ireland. They went toe to toe with a Dublin team that won 3 All Irelands in 4 years. They then beat an Offaly team that also went on to win an All Ireland. Finally they twice took out a Dublin team that won an All Ireland in 1983. Remember that there was no cushion in those days. If you lost you were out. I have attended 100 All Ireland senior finals between hurling and football. I have been at every All Ireland football final since 1972 bar the 2000 replay. No All Ireland is easily won. What you have written is deeply disrespectful to a great team. I do not deny the greatness of this Dublin team nor would I ever speak in disparaging terms of their achievements. There can be no denying that Dublin have had massive financial and logistical advantages bestowed upon them by the GAA for at least twelve years. There can also be no doubt that this is helping this great team to rebuild and perpetuate itself. Look at the results of their minor and most particularly their U 20/21 teams in this decade. What worries me is that I believe that if The GAA continue to bestow these advantages upon Dublin it will lead to the decimation of the All Ireland football championship in a manner very similar to what has happened to the Leinster senior football championship. Gaelic Games are at the core of my identity as I believe they are at the core of your identity too Jimbo. Do you want to see the All Ireland championship destroyed ?

Greengrass (National) - 04/07/2019 17:57:35

Championship so far! - 5 Like(s)
Poor? We've had three free flowing, high scoring games in Leinster so far . Roscommon were given the fright of their lives by New York. Tyrone showed their teeth yesterday . There is plenty to look forward to . There are none so blind as those who don't wish to see. As usual the negative moaners are out in force.

Greengrass (National) - 23/05/2016 19:24:47

Pairc Ui Chaoimh And Liam Miller - 4 Like(s)

Replying To alano12:  "lets pretend the official gaa are very sophisticated..and not entirely an organisation that is reactionary most of the time....so well organised that they had a television clash between an all ireland hurling quarter final and an opening super 8 game in football.."
They're sophisticated enough to have provided their spectators and players with by far the best sporting facilities in the country. They're sophisticated enough to have by far the best attended sporting competitions in the country. They're sophisticated enough to provide meaningful sporting activity for hundreds of thousands of people played out in first class club facilities the length and breadth of the country. They are sophisticated enough to organise cultural activities such as Scor which take place all over the country. They are sophisticated enough to have thousands of clubs throughout the country that are the heartbeat of their communities in both a sporting and social sense . They are sophisticated enough to have become much more than a sports organisation but rather a sporting, cultural and social body that has contributed hugely to the wellbeing of this country for a hundred and thirty years. They are sophisticated enough to have organized themselves in countries throughout the world and to have provided support in a social and sporting context to tens of thousands of young people who have been forced to leave these shores in search of employment. The GAA is far from perfect but I do think sophisticated is a word which would describe the organisation, it's achievements and it's activities . Don't you alano ?

Greengrass (National) - 27/07/2018 00:36:03

Does GAA get fair coverage compared to soccer and rugby - 4 Like(s)

Replying To janesboro:  "welcome back mod--firstly rte will not be showing the 2018 fixture as tv3 will have rights by then On 9th March in response to this post - of the same day, Relax Rangersfan There are so many negative rugby stories not reported by RTE I assumed this would be too, I asked you to --Please give examples , not one or two , but many examples- i dont know of that many os it will be a chance for you to educate me. You might furnish us with a response in your own good time. By the way i dont think either incident cavan/armagh last year or ireland scotland game were anything to write home about and not worthy of any further coverage, in fact in watching sunday game coverage last night i was very impressed by cavan. just wish my beloved limerick got an extra few mins coverage rather than just a report."
Typical of RTEs pathetic attitude with regard to the weaker GAA counties Janesboro. Louth get the same derisory two minutes every year as well. There were only four matches yesterday .RTE had a chance to provide coverage of the weaker counties. Did they do that ? No. They cut the length of the programme.

Greengrass (National) - 30/05/2016 19:07:47

Things in the GAA that make you Cringe - 4 Like(s)
Silly threads like this one.

Greengrass (National) - 04/07/2016 16:51:52

Gender Quotas to be applied to Sports Bodies - 4 Like(s)
It's another manifestation of the pc b******t that has taken over this country. The best person for the job should get the job. Will they be insisting that 30%of the boards of directors of the ladies Gaelic Games associations will be male? The point has been clearly made that the make up of boards of directors will not impact in any way on girls participation in sport. The boards of directors are there to make decisions in everybody's best interests not just girls. What encourages children to participate is well structured. well organised coaching and competition. There needs to be a pathway from childhood through to adulthood. For many children their first experience of organised coaching and competition happens in primary schools. There is currently a massive gender imbalance in primary schools yet there is no talk of 30% quotas to alleviate that imbalance and bring more men in to the profession. Female academics have argued against it. Resource female coaches and clubs properly and provide a proper pathway from childhood through to adulthood for female sportspeople. RTE needs to be forced to broadcast ladies sport and not just ladies rugby. The more positive coverage there is the more girls will be encouraged to participate. This latest gender quota proposal is just another example of the witless pc nonsense that masquerades as progressive initiatives in this country.

Greengrass (National) - 12/12/2016 21:41:02

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 4 Like(s)
It would be desirable to have the major games free to air . However there are a number of issues at play here . Firstly Joe Brolly is a paid employee of RTE making a case on RTE opposing a deal that The GAA have made with a competitor of RTE . His remarks have to be looked at in that context . Being brutally honest RTE's coverage of football in particular is atrocious. They do not broadcast a single second of live Gaelic football from the end of the All Ireland senior football final played on the first Sunday in September until the start of the championship in the middle of May the following year . It's the same with hurling . They completely ignore the league in terms of live broadcasts . Thank God for TG4 and Eir Sports. Joe Brolly stays very quiet about this . This year when RTE eventually started to broadcast live Gaelic Games again only one of the first ten games they broadcast was a game of football. Brolly had nothing to say about this either . Were it not for Sky and the BBC we would only have been able to see one game of football in the four provinces before the finals Nobody would have seen games like Armagh v Cavan or Roscommon v Mayo if we had been depending solely on RTE but Joe Brolly had nothing to say about that either . In that context I find these references to the elderly and to people in homes to be self serving and insincere . The GAA have a right to maximise their revenue from the games . I believe that the games should be free to air however given RTE's lamentable record in terms of the quality and scope of their coverage would you trust them with the sole rights to football ?

Greengrass (National) - 06/08/2019 15:19:19

Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s)

Replying To FootblockREF:  "You say that like theres a load of Niall Kearns out there ready to step up. There isn't. No one is saying that Malachy wasn't great but he's gone now and as cold as that is, we move on. And for all his success, the sad thing is we under achieved in those 7 years. 3 Ulster finals in first 3 years followed by none in 4 while not losing to eventual winners in any of those years. 3 wins out of 8 in Croke Park in Championship and those 3 were Kildare twice and Down. And not one of those 5 defeats could you say we went down swinging."
Underachieved ? Before Malachy O Rourke came along when was the last time Monaghan had won a championship match in Croke Park ? 1930. When was the last time Monaghan had won in Ulster before he came along ? 1988. Monaghan went straight grom Division Three to Division One in successive seasons winning both divisions along the way and staying in Division One for six successive seasons which is a record for Monaghan after he came along . Monaghan played in five quarter finals if you include the Galway game last year in seven seasons and came within a hairs breadth of winning a semi final last year. They certainly went down swinging in that one . In seven years the man and his players raised expectations and what they achieved together was staggering . Compare that record to what was achieved with a stronger group of players between 2005-2010. You've had a great seven years . I agree there are very few Niall Kearns out there and I agree that you have to move on but give the man fair credit . We'd love to have him here .

Greengrass (Monaghan) - 21/09/2019 16:29:55

Galway Participation In Leinster - 4 Like(s)
Essentially the Leinster counties and Leinster Council are looking after themselves . Until Galway were admitted the Leinster hurling championship was as dead as the Leinster football championship is now . Galway played all their Leinster U21 hurling championship matches in Leinster last year and as far as I know they are not allowed to play in the Leinster minor hurling championship . What is happening to Galway in Leinster at all levels is wrong . No other county in hurling apart from Kilkenny is turning out teams that are as consistently competitive at all levels as Galway are . That is why they don't receive fair treatment from the other Leinster counties .

Greengrass (National) - 05/01/2019 04:43:47

RTE - Change Of Direction - 4 Like(s)

Replying To bloodyban:  "You misunderstand. The Welsh channel has an English commentary option with all its games. Why should I have to put on a radio commentary which may or may not be synchronised with what I'm looking at. Especially as it's being subsidised by taxes from people's wages who don't speak Irish at all. It's part of the broader debate of cultural compulsion. The evidence is there in the amount of people speaking the language in 2019. What's been done by governments and the geansai brigade for the last 100 years has been nothing short of disastrous. When Fine Gael put out feelers to see if Irish should be non compulsory then people were up in arms..haha. That's Ireland for you."
It's an Irish language tv station . It's coverage of Gaekuc games is comprehensive and very good . Watch the games, enjoy them and stop your self centered moaning . If you don't like what you hear then turn down the tv or change the station .

Greengrass (National) - 14/01/2019 11:16:38

9 Dubs forwards, would any not make the Mayo team? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "honestly ROC, it very hard to have this debate without sounding arrogant, but, they just wouldn't make the Dubs forwards. They really wouldn't. DOC would bench alright but no chance he would start, and AOS and AM wouldn't be within an asses roar of the Dubs forwards. If AOS was a Dub, he would be a MF'r. Andy Moran wouldn't make the panel anymore, sorry, but he wouldn't. COC is still young and would make the panel for sure, but wouldn't start. Funnily, I think Mayos two best players are Colm Boyle and Lee Keegan yet if Dublin had all their players available and back fit, neither would get a game for me. McCarthy O'Sullivan McCaffrey is untouchable when all fit. Keith Higgins is a supreme player, I dunno where I would play him but I would find somewhere."
That is why you are spending your time on Hoganstand playing fantasy manager rather than picking players for real teams getting ready for real matches .

Greengrass (National) - 07/09/2016 21:42:53

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 3 Like(s)
If, as John Horan says Dublin's success is down volunteerism as opposed to €1.8 million per annum being pumped in to Dublin GAA in games development grants whilst Cork who are next highest in terms of games development grants receive €140,000 per annum then it is time to hugely reduce the grants Dublin receive and redistribute them to the other 31 counties on a more equitable basis . Volunteerism will ensure Dublin's continued success ,

Greengrass (National) - 15/06/2019 12:14:01