"Monaghan need to brace themselves"

July 18, 2018

Monaghan minor manager Seamus McEnaney

Seamus McEnaney has warned Monaghan that they are coming up against "a wounded animal" in Kerry this Sunday in Clones.

Following their loss to Galway three days ago, the Munster champions are in dire need of a result at St Tiernach's Park if they are to advance to an All-Ireland semi-final next month.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, former Farney boss McEnaney says his native county must expect a huge backlash from the Kingdom.

"Kerry, a wounded animal, coming up the road and them being themselves, being ruthless, physical, cynical and everything that goes along with it and Monaghan meeting that fire with fire," said McEnaney.

"Monaghan have found themselves in a great position, one win from an All-Ireland semi-final, but the problem is, like every other time we were knocking on the door, Kerry is in our way again. They are always in your way when you want to dine at the top table.

"I think this will be a very difficult game for Monaghan because I fear a serious backlash from Kerry. I think Monaghan need to brace themselves for a backlash."

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