Legionella warning for Cork GAA clubs

May 24, 2020

All GAA clubs should check their water systems to prevent legionella.

Cork GAA clubs have been urged to check their water systems to prevent legionella.

The deadly bacteria which causes legionnaires disease, a severe form of pneumonia, is commonly found in water systems not properly maintained or used in a while.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all GAA club premises have been closed since March, and, as a result, water systems could potentially be at risk of legionella growth. 

Cork GAA are advising clubs to flush out their water supply regularly: "Clubs might also need to conduct security checks on the property and water systems may require flushing to prevent legionella," a statement reads on Cork GAA.

"If the persons who regularly do this work are unavailable and somebody else needs to take on these duties the club will need to ensure these persons are competent to undertake the tasks.

"In the event of an accident the GAA club will be considered to be their employer from a liability point of view and is thus legally responsible for ensuring that the persons undertaking such tasks are competent to do so."

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