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Off Season Discussions Thread - 1 Like(s)
Lads can i ask. Congress have passed the sin bin, personally delighted as don't think it was give due consideration when last trailed, anyway the sin bin and advanced Mark are these being trailed in the league or in for real next year for league and championship?

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - 19/10/2019 16:12:43

Off Season Discussions Thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Horsebox77:  "National League Provisional Games Away to Dublin Sat 25th Jan - confirmed as a Sat night game  home to Galway weekend of 1st Feb  Away to Tyrone weekend of 9th Feb  home to Meath weekend of 23rd Feb Away to Mayo on Sat 29th Feb - confirmed as a Sat night game  away to Monaghan w/e of 15th March  home to Donegal weekend of 22nd March Don't know when they confirm the actual figures"
Excellent horse thanks for that, I know this is cliche but winning our home games will be very important, 6 points will keep us up and 10 will give us a shot at the final but it's all about unearthing a few new lads, I expect to see a lot of fresh faces in the league but I wouldn't be flogging the likes of David and seanie, let them rest for the first 3 games and give em a break. Although seanies frees could be vital.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - 19/10/2019 11:16:50