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National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 1 Like(s)
Just on way home from Newbridge .. wrong side of the result but soo many positives to take away from that performance.. we had 3 goal chances and took zero they had two and took them both .. but hell when was last time we scored 14 points and still it should have been 18 or 20 as we were totally on top for first 10mins and instead of a goal and 3 up we Went just one up ... anyway both McGullions McGurn and Kelm were superb .. we had good threat going forward and always asked questions in attack .. special word to Conal Jones today from placed ball .. I'll admit that I'd no confidence in him but today was superb .. I think 7 from 7 ... don't know if Big bro available next Sunday as didn't see if it was straight red in dying mins or second yellow .. he still has a bad disciplinary record that could cost us as the season goes on... but the journey was worth it .. Kildare are a quality outfit and the biggest build on average we will encounter ... and we are are very unlucky to come away with no points

KeshGFC (Fermanagh) - 26/01/2020 17:34:03