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I see the cracks are still being covered over by some naive supporters

gaelsutd (Cavan) - Posts: 602 - 03/02/2015 10:59:45    1689515


jeeez lad, will ya just quit posting, I know I know, your a realist and the rest of us are deluded for picking positives out of a performance, I know, we get it, move on............32 other forums to be posting on take your pick

ramor101 (Cavan) - Posts: 286 - 03/02/2015 11:13:19    1689520


Maybe there should be a moaners thread all to themselves , that way if you want to wallow in self pity you can do so with like minded individuals . On the other hand , if you want to discuss other issues in a constructive manner you don't have to wade through negative post after negative post in order to read posts that actually discuss the topic of the thread .
Win win for everybody!

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 03/02/2015 12:40:04    1689575


There's a big difference between moaning and realism, if thats the case, maybe there should be a separate post for the
Terry Hyland brigade, because the simple fact is that you are so blinded by your loyalty for Terry that you cant see
Cavan Football for what it is. On the one hand, youre telling us how far we have come under Terry, and how impressive we
were in the McKenna Cup, and then we lose to Tyrone, youre telling us that it was only the McKenna Cup and that Tyrone
brought on their big guns and theyre a division 1 team and so on.....
Let me tell you something, we did ok in 2013, we got a lucky draw against London but got hammered by a Kerry Team who didnt have to get out of 2nd gear. We gained promotion from Division 3 with Roscommon in 2014, but they beat us in the league final, and we got beat by an Armagh team who were relegated to Division 3, and we then got beat by Roscommon in Breffni Park in the qualifiers.
In 2015, we got beat by the students from UUJ, we beat a Monaghan Team by 4pts, yet we only got 2 scores in the 2nd half, the Fermanagh match was a diabolical display from 2 sides and in the final against Tyrone, we failed to register a score in the 2nd half, and last Sunday we secured a draw against Roscommon side that was also promoted from Division 3.
The majority of people on this forum are realistic, the football we are playing at the moment is dire watch, casual, laboured, losing posession, no speed, no attacking and people are getting totally fed up with watching it.
So please, read carefully through the above, and apart from the promotion, please tell me how far Cavan Football has really come under Terry Hyland.

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 03/02/2015 14:25:47    1689650


Dean Martin

Its hard to argue with you here. To sit on the fence a minute. Terry has had the ingredients of 4 U21 s & yet the produce or harvest is thin. Hes still using the same Nucleus of players last 4 years.

The most starkling fact which everyone does nt seem to mind is players opting off the Panel. For me Keating is a Huge Loss..

On the plus side if we d beaten Monaghan last year i ve no doubt we may have won Ulster.. Promotion from Division 3 should lay the foundations for a greater future. Playing Galway Meath Kildare should be very enterprising for young Cavan players & supporters..

What should change? Tom Reilly? Club Fixtures? Nothing? I think cavan have more things to correct than just T Hyland. Lacking a 5 Year plan after U21..

The football is 70% successful & Dire to watch.. With Tyrone slipping ,Monaghan aging,Donegal tiring,Armagh useless Cavan has an Oppurtunity..

Dont think we ll ignite Division Two ...But we should compete & stay up. Division Two last year was Dire Div One & Three was most competitive..

Denn Man (Cavan) - Posts: 413 - 03/02/2015 16:16:31    1689712


Sorry Deanmartin , having dissected your above post you are in fact correct . Apart from playing Kerry in an All Ireland quarter final , not looking through the floor of Division 3 and actually getting promotion to Division 2 , being able to compete against Division 1 , 2 and 3 teams in championship football and not relying on flukes over Division 4 teams for our sole championship wins , being very competitive in McKenna Cup , giving due respect to U21 teams and reaping the benefits and , last but not least , winning an All Ireland Junior championship - Cavan football has indeed gone backwards under Terry Hyland - no two ways about it . And speaking as someone who spends a lot of time and hard earned money following all teams I have to say I'm absolutely outraged . TERRY HYLAND OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 03/02/2015 16:17:42    1689714


Dennman - you are spot on with your comments - perhaps Im being over critical of Terry, but as the manager of the Cavan Senior Team, he has the responsibility (along with the County Board) to start laying the foundations. They need to look at the club structure and the club competitions - the Breffni legaue for one, is in my opinion a waste of time. The season is too long and games are dragged out too much over the year.

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 03/02/2015 16:43:23    1689730


Good man order to play Kerry, we struggled against a poor London team, and we got destroyed by Kerry in Croker -
Promoted to Division 2, we passed Armagh who were on the way down, yet they beat us well in the Ulster Championship - what division 1 & 2 teams have we competed against in the Champeionship aside from Derry? Huge respect to the U21s, but after 4 yrs of winning Ulster, surely not winning an All Ireland & raising the bar for the senior team is a huge disappointment. Great achievement in winning a junior All-Ireland, but realistcally, was anyone bothered?
Not sure about your comments regarding being competitive in the McKenna Cup is about, beaten by the students of UUJ, two scores in
the 2nd half of the Monaghan match, struggling to beat a division 3 team in Fermanagh, and failing to register a single score in the 2nd half of the Tyrone match....some people would say that we've come on leaps and bounds...

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 03/02/2015 16:54:55    1689736


5 years ago Cavan was everyone in Ulster's whipping boy, when the draw was made every other county hopped to get Cavan. The Under 21 program, had gone 6 years without a single victory out in the first round each time. Since then through the application of solid principles, the Under-21 have lost once in 5 years of football, and that in an ulster final to a Michael Murphy inspired Donegal. After appearing in 3 Ulster finals Terry Hyland was asked to take over the senior team.
Since that time he has 'freshened' up the panel by bringing in a host of winning mentality under 21's. he has over saw Cavan's best run in an all Ireland series in recent years, has gained promotion to division 2, has lead Cavan to a junior All Ireland success. has modernised the way in which the team is trained and has created a winners mentality, where before existed a "...Sure it doesn't matter, we're only Cavan"

When measured against where Cavan football was before his involvement his contribution is brobdingnagian in aspect.

yet some want to measure against where they think we should be.
some want to complain about how we are not playing pretty football.
some want to lay at his feet every problem with the club structure.
I hear the chickens in Ballinagh are not Laying like they use to that that is also been attributed to Terry Hyland.
And rumour has it he had something to do with the Banking crisis...

If you judge a person Judge them for their actions, and acheivements, and not some ethereal fantasy of how great the situation would be without them.

notimpressed (UK) - Posts: 98 - 03/02/2015 17:18:26    1689741


Don't know what you're getting at Deanmartin , I'm agreeing with you .
Again your insight into football is beyond question , you're quite correct that you only need to win one game to get to the AI Quarters . We never beat Westmeath last year in the Championship either , that was just a rumour put out by Terry supporters off their heads on Absinth . And as for them putting a positive spin on actually winning games in the McKenna Cup - the cheek of them .

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 03/02/2015 17:22:03    1689744


It's great to see that the key board warriors are still going strong on the Cavan Hoganstand page!
If debates about drivel and personal vendettas won All Ireland's we would be lording it.

ballygowanwater (Cavan) - Posts: 202 - 03/02/2015 17:28:09    1689746


Hardtimes... You are getting silly now... Deanmartin is intitled to his opinion wheather you agree with him or not... He is a Cavan supporter at the end of the day and has many valid points about where Cavan football is heading...!!'

Sean66 (Cavan) - Posts: 440 - 03/02/2015 17:35:50    1689751


A Cavan supporter, I think you'll find he's more defined as an Anti man. Sad really.I think you'll find he was hoping Ros bet us to back up his depressing negative view of Cavan GAA

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 03/02/2015 18:05:52    1689755


I agree with Hardtimes.. Remember the wonderful attacking football we played under Tommy Carr? The swashbuckling performance against Antrim in the Ulster Semi Final and the heroes defeat down in Cork. Back in the days when being a Cavan player was all about expression, kissing your wristband for the camera when you scored a point, catching the team bus outside Oxegen on the way to a Championship game. And then along came Terry with his "commitment" and his "pride in the jersey" Frankly it makes me sick. As someone who grew up watching Cavan in the late 90's and 00's I can say that three trips to Croke Park in one year just simply isn't good enough. I want Cavan football back where it was before Terry Hyland took over, back to when Spillane lauded our forward line as being unable to "punch a hole in a wet paper bag". Terry out.

JonSmith (Cavan) - Posts: 1450 - 03/02/2015 18:14:03    1689756


As I'm entitled to mine Sean66 - if he's going to post cherry picked facts on here then he can face being pulled up on them without having you speak up for him . It's also very likely he's a multiple poster on here .
If his summation of our form under Terry Hyland is losses to Kerry and Armagh then that's a very big set of blinkers he is wearing .
As for where Cavan football is heading - hopefully still in Division 2 next year and I couldn't give a damn in hell how that is achieved as long as it's achieved . Very hard to build from the doldrums of Division 3 where we have been for far too long . We are short in certain areas and need to be patient but we need to build in Division 2 for a few years before we start getting notions . The real job has only started .

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 03/02/2015 18:22:41    1689759


Ye looked pretty poor last Sunday. Have a 50 euro on yourselves and Wexford for the drop. Happy days!

Oddball (Roscommon) - Posts: 763 - 03/02/2015 19:05:45    1689781


We need to move on from the bickering lads.
Our football should start to improve and Mc Hale#s influence should soon be seen as the weather improves and the players adapt.
We can beat Laois and then we have home games to look forward to. We will certainly need to improve and we have to do something with the full-forward line as we don't score enough goals. Goals win games as they say.

Also let's stop celebrating draws, we are better than that.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 03/02/2015 19:14:52    1689784


Oddball not just by name. Considering Cavan were the better team and the referee gave ye disgraceful decisions you have a cheek coming on here. For your sake I hope you're a WUM.

doratheexplorer (Cavan) - Posts: 1467 - 03/02/2015 19:43:19    1689799


Hardtimes.... you are quite correct in saying the job has just begun and I am not so sure Terry is going to be the man to do it...? This season will tell if he is willing to change into a more attacking unit... Remember he said he got it very wrong against Kerry in the QF but since then we have not changed our tatics so maybe he has brought us as far as he can... We are without dout more difficult to beat but at the same time I think we will also find it very hard to beat anyone... I really hope Im wrong...what do ye think...?

Sean66 (Cavan) - Posts: 440 - 03/02/2015 19:46:02    1689800


Tomsmith here

I want to put it on the record that I am no relation of Jon smith the poster who appears to see no wrong in the clip board men of the past.
I can say that Thomas Carr came to Cavan and left again and I did not see much change in Cavan fortunes.
I have to say that I feel that we the supporters should have an input into team selection and appointment of managers
I feel that the next time that a managerial position becomes vacant that we as supports should be asked to nominate a representative on the selection board.
That's what I feel, what about you

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3237 - 03/02/2015 19:56:05    1689804