'I'd say there's still a warrant out for her!'

August 20, 2018

That's my boy. Limerick's Cian Lynch celebrates with his mother Valerie celebrate after the All Ireland SHC final over Galway at Croke Park.

Cian Lynch has been recalling the lovely moment when he embraced his mother Valerie on the pitch after the final whistle at Croke Park yesterday.

The midfielder joked that there was a 'warrant' out for her after she ran onto the pitch to congratulate her son on helping Limerick to their first All-Ireland SHC title in 45 years.

"My mother was able to get onto the pitch at Croke Park. I'd say there's still a warrant out for her!" Lynch told Off The Ball from the CityWest Hotel this morning.

"It means so much for everyone. It's unbelievable. People asked what did it feel like after the game - I actually put my head down. I struggled to breath for a few minutes because you are kind of saying, 'Jaysus, we are after winning an All-Ireland'. It's a dream come true.

"My mother jumped up out of nowhere. I actually put my head on her shoulder and it was a moment where I could breath for a second and take in my own surroundings and take in what it's about. She has been there for me from the beginning. To see her there on the pitch puts it all into perspective."

Lynch also gave his reaction to a picture of the embrace which was taken by INPHO photographer James Crombie.


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