"If this is over getting a DVD or not getting a DVD, it would seem extremely petty"

February 17, 2018

Dublin manager Jim Gavin.
©INPHO/Oisin Keniry.

Ger Loughnane has had his say on Dublin manager Jim Gavin's dispute with RTÉ.

Speaking on The Buzz Sports Show, the two-time All-Ireland winning Clare manager expressed his opinion that Gavin, along with Joe Schmidt and Martin O'Neill, is "being a little bit too precious at the moment".

"I have such regard for Jim Gavin but if this thing is over getting a DVD or not getting a DVD from RTÉ, it would seem extremely petty," he remarked.

"And a carry-over from last year and the Diarmuid Connolly incident. All that RTÉ did, looking on as a neutral, was they just quoted a rule about an altercation with a linesman.

"You look at it with Martin O'Neill and Joe Schmidt and think, what is the reason for it? Why are they so sensitive to any kind of criticism? Because really, when you are in that bubble with a team, you have to make sure that the skin of that bubble is so thick that it insulates you from anything going on outside.

"There is no major controversy around the Dublin team, the Irish rugby team or the Irish soccer team so I just don't understand why they are so sensitive to any kind of comment that isn't in praise of them.

"They just give off the notion that they are being a little bit too precious at the moment."

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