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Rte Missing A Trick ? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "It's a game if the weekend shown on deferred coverage at 7pm last night. The hurling was a complete bore fest yesterday."
The Armagh v Cavan match was very poor to watch, watched ten minutes of it went out cut the grass and came back in to find that they were still playing an hour later. The only reason anyone would have kept on watching it was that it was close. The only football I would sit down to watch now a days is when Kerry or Dublin are playing after that its a version of basketball/rugby you are watching, real sh1*e. I remember being in CP when Kilkenny hammered Waterford and after 20 minutes I wondered why i had bottered, but then I realised i was watching one of the best performance ever, Tipp and Limerick at the weekend reminded me of that day. By the way the best match this weekend for skill, determination, closeness and excitement was the Offaly Antrim hurling match on GAANOW.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 03/06/2019 10:38:08

Neutrals - Who do you think will win? - 4 Like(s)
Think: Dublin Hope: Dublin Let's hope the Dubs put on an attacking display that is worth watching

Brian_Coyote (National) - 06/09/2016 18:21:05

Is Meath now becoming a hurling county? - 3 Like(s)
The winners of the Christy Ring in 2016 are in the round robin of the Liam McCarthy in 2017. Meath are therefore in the Liam McCarthy next year. I have been at All Ireland semis, finals and Munster championships, Div 1A, 1B matches and Meath have about six to eight players that could field ball with any one in the country. Their intensity during the two Christy Ring final matches would be as high as Kerry, Offaly, Laois, Westmeath and an average Wexford team. The speed of thought needs work, peripheral vision is quite good but Wexford would be more natural. Meath would in my opinion be able to hold their own in the round robin but with another three big finds they could reach the Liam McCarthy knockout stages. Good luck in 2017.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 14/09/2016 19:21:58

All Ireland Club Hurling Championship - 2 Like(s)

Replying To The_DOC:  "......meanwhile St Thomas's lurk in the long grass"
Also Slaughneill are waiting!!!!

Brian_Coyote (National) - 16/11/2016 22:00:36

Venues for hurling - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Breffni39:  "aaaand another hurling snob checks into the thread"
Bref- there are no hurling catch nets in either of Monaghan or Cavan county grounds. It would not be the place to take hurling as 95% of locals are not interested in hurling therefore people from Munster and Leinster would be travelling to an area of the country that would not benefit from the match being played there. There was an uproar from football people like you last year when KK hosted a Leinster football match, this would be the same, no hurling fan wants to go to a place that shows a total disregard for hurling.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 11/04/2017 15:35:08

Brick's an All Ireland Legend - 2 Like(s)
Although I never have known the man nor have I ever seen him play in the flesh. Shane's name was always in reports and news papers as a stalwart of Kerry hurling. He along with other Kerry County hurlers in the naughties tirelessly kept the life support machine going while the county waited on the emergence of new young talent that would push Kerry on to a new level. Kerry GAA and hurling in particular owe him and the lads around him a great deal of gratitude.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 13/11/2016 12:43:20

Antrim inviting Frampton to GAA - 2 Like(s)
Agree with Liam on this one, no invite should have been handed out to Carl as some idiots on either the catholic side or protestant side will feel they have been offended by his decision. If he wanted to attend a football or hurling match let him go along to it without the fanfare, you know now that the TV cameras will be there hyping up the significance of his attendance. He probably is like 99% of the people living in Northern Ireland in that he doesn't see GAA sports as sectarian or Windsor Park as sectarian, or Orange Halls/AOHs as sectarian, etc. Leave the lad alone to do what he wants to do, privately!!

Brian_Coyote (National) - 07/04/2017 15:56:50

All-Ireland HURLING final not sold out - 2 Like(s)
I got my fill last year when Galway reached yet another AI to Kilkenny. I have been at every final since 1993 and this past few years give my tickets free from my company. After last year's final I told the guys I wouldn't be at another final that Kk are in. The rule book has been thrown out and that suits kk, charging is my biggest gripe. I dont dislike kk I just want to see new teams involved.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 01/09/2016 14:19:56

More hurling matches in the summer - 2 Like(s)
While the GAA bosses are fixated by adding to the football coverage during the summer, slowly but surely they are edging out the number of hurling matches at the same time. As the GAA entered the August Bank Holiday there were three hurling matches left to play this year and nine football matches remaining. It's time the hurling got treated properly, with the quarter finalist in hurling playing the same format as is being proposed in football and being played in the summer.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 10/08/2016 14:44:46

Sliotars - 2 Like(s)
There are standards for Sliotars e.g. weight 110g-130g, rib on sliotar has limits too, I don't believe it would be a good thing to have one/two or three suppliers of sliotars as this will increase the cost of sliotars. A recent Tipp star and a present KK star are selling 1000s of sliotars with their names on them and they are made in Pakistan. In Pakistan there are four factories manufacturing all but one/two of the sliotars used in hurling and they make the footballs too. I recently came accross sliotars that a guy up here is importing from Pakistan. He recieved samples from all four manufactures in Pakistan a year back and he has tested them all, and picked the best manufacture for each type of sliotar i.e. Smart and Quick Touch from one manufacture, real leather and artifical leather size 4 and 5s as well as First Touch from another. All the sliotars meet the standards set by the GAA and DCU. He sells them at cost price e.g. a dozen Smart touch costs him shipping/manufacturing/taxes £23.40 (real leather 4/5s cost him £29.47/dozen, Artificial leather £23.40/dozen) and he passes them on for that to the people buying them. He says he's more interested in seeing clubs survive than making money. Some of the biggest clubs in Derry and Antrim have been using them this year and I have officiated at matches where they have been used and I was impressed. On a real wet day the real leather do soak up water where as the artificial leather don't to the same extent. The most successful club in Derry in recent times told me their smart touch sliotars bought from him were as good now as they were when they bought them in February.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 21/07/2017 12:41:46

Leinster Hurling Qualifier Group 2016 - 2 Like(s)
Its not even the end of May and a number of counties in the top half of the country rankings have finished hurling for the year. Kerry are the 10/11th ranked team in hurling and the season is over yet the 32nd ranked football team will be playing in June and possibly July. Its time to ensure all hurling teams are playing in the summer months and not just shoved out of the road.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 28/05/2016 11:29:08

Fermanagh V Monaghan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Curlew66:  "Gripping finish though Brian, Meanwhile both Clare and Sligo trail by 12 points each at half time in Killarney and Tuam."
Cork v Limerick was gripping last night! Today was not gripping, it was woeful and the only thing I wanted to see was no more scores from Monaghan as that would have meant another 20 minutes of sh173 and the Munster Hurling match between Waterford and Tipp would have been deferred.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 03/06/2018 16:44:29

Joe Mc Donagh Cup - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "Antrim bottled it AGAIN. They lose at home to Laois. I defy anyone to say I am wrong in my summation of Antrim senior hurlers AND footballers. They HAVEN'T got the physical and mental strength at senior county level nor the heart, fight, stomach and belief."
You never surprise me, why do you bother coming on here everytime Antrim hurlers have a bad day yet you never here from you when they are on form. I would guess you are an Antrim Football man and can't bear the embarrassment that they bring to our county., so every opportunity you get to lower the hurling feel good affect in the county is taken.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 20/05/2018 11:58:45

Joe Mc Donagh Cup - 1 Like(s)
Great Win for Carlow, well done lads, the next match will be a big step up but every hurling fan outside of Limerick and Wexford will be rooting for Carlow and Westmeath. The support off the ball that Wexford and Limerick and all the top teir teams do is the difference between those teams in the JMcD and the LMcC. Noticable yesterday that there was no running off the shoulder, a lot of players recieving the ball were in a standing position, not running on to it. I have no doubt the Carlow/Westmeath lads can field as well as Limerick/Wexford however if the JMcD teams want to move up to the standards of those in the LMcC they will have to work on the support play and winning the dirty ball by getting the numbers in round the ball. Good Luck Carlow and Westmeath

Brian_Coyote (National) - 02/07/2018 12:05:42

Kilkenny football - 1 Like(s)
When your county has more adult hurling teams than Kk have adult football teams then you can come on here giving off about KKs poor record in football. Don't believe the instigator of this thread can talk bet Kk have more football teams than Carlow have hurling teams. As for Poor f'n Cavan, didn't know it was a county, dont see their name listed anywhere in the national hurling leagues. Do they play in the British league?

Brian_Coyote (National) - 24/03/2017 13:36:23

All Ireland Club Hurling Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To bloodyban:  "Interesting final 4 now. Id write off Slaughtniel. They dont have the scoring power or speed to trouble any of the final 4. Id fancy St Thomas's purely because theyve the experience and are coming in under the radar somewhat. Ballyea definately have a chance but can they follow up a first County title and Munster with a first All Ireland. Thats a big ask"
Congratulations to Cuala, it was great to see the ruthlessness from the first minute to the last, Kilkennyesq display. However to write of Slaughneill who beat Loughgiel (2013 All Ireland Champions) with ease after an incredible start 2:03 to 0:00!! If they didn't have the gaelic football to contend with through the winter then Slaughneill would definitely be putting it up to Cuala come February. Cuala did a great job on OLG yesterday and should have been 13/14 points ahead after 20 minutes and 32 points ahead at the long whistle, Both Slaughneill and Cuala have started at a blistering pace in their matches to date and none of the opposition has been able to live with either team. If Slaughtneill get the scores early Cuala could well find themselves in a position they haven't been in this year having to come from behind and that may not suit them. Predictions: A great game of hurling with Cuala as slight favourites.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 05/12/2016 16:41:06

Tipperary v Mayo - 1 Like(s)
Thank God for HURLING, the Mayo hurlers have All Ireland medals, there isn't a hope the Mayo footballers will have any this year. Borefest.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 21/08/2016 17:09:36

Ulster U21 Hurling championship - 1 Like(s)
Is it not time that the hurling strongholds provide a level playing field for the ulster U21 Hurling Champions Venue Thurles 'AGAIN', Schools, U21 Hurling, Camogie Schools, etc all have to travel here to play semi/quarter finals. Derry Hurling Area 225miles 4:20hrs Kilkenny 30miles, 0:40hrs Limerick Hurling Area 49miles, 1:10hrs Galway Hurling Area 61miles, 1:35hrs

Brian_Coyote (National) - 09/08/2017 16:06:03

Christy Ring 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To sponger:  "I was giving out about Kildare choosing players that don't play for a Kildare club. Thomas Walsh did transfer to Bray remember. The 2 situations are not comparable. The Gaa must be really desperate to have Carlow and Antrim go through. Perhaps they should have just dropped the semis and put the 2 of them to the final ?"
Sponger I love the fight you have in you, hope the hurlers bring that fighting spirit to the match in Carlow tomorrow. Good luck to your lads, everyone outside Carlow is probably cheering for the under dogs. C'mon Wicklow!

Brian_Coyote (National) - 19/05/2017 19:17:08

All-Ireland Hurling Preliminary Quarter-Finals - 1 Like(s)

Replying To 890202:  "Only the winners of the Joe McDonagh cup should advance. There should not be 40% of the teams (2 out of 5, Meath were thrown in for 1 year only to make 6) in a 2nd tier competition qualifying for a 1st tier competition, when only 60% of the 1st tier qualify. Both 4th placed teams in Leinster and Munster should play each other with the winner going to the Preliminary quarter finals along with 3rd in Munster and Leinster and the winner of the McDonagh Cup. For example this year that would involve a double header of Carlow vs Westmeath, and Tipp vs Dublin, with winners of both qualifying for preliminary quarter finals against Wexford and 3rd in Munster"
The football community were over the moon when Fermanagh beat Monaghan, Giving the two finalists in the JMcD Cup a chance to replicate Fermanagh's win is much better than giving Tipp another chance to kick start their season.

Brian_Coyote (National) - 12/06/2018 14:50:43