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Hurling Championship Discussion Thread (For All Tiers) - 1 Like(s)
Kerry have to play off against the bottom team in Munster if they win it so very unlikely they would get promotion at all, very unfair on them compared to the rest of the teams in it who will automatically go into Leinster

Saffronhurl (National) - 03/05/2018 15:00:35

Is Hurling Now Becoming Boring? - 1 Like(s)
Watch the recent Club Hurling Final and the replay and tell me Hurling is boring, Sean Moran gave an exhibition of high fielding and catching and blocks were aplenty on both sides. The skill level of players now far exceeds those of 20 years ago an example would be the 2 lifts from the ground by Cian Lynch and Podge Collins in the recent Limerick vs Clare game. I could go on and on but Hurling isn't boring and Hurling never will be boring

Saffronhurl (National) - 27/03/2018 19:06:47

Leinster SHC Final Wexford V Kilkenny - 1 Like(s)
Anyone know how to get decent tickets for myself and the kid, been looking at the online sites and all tickets are really bad seats in the Cusack and Davin. Would be willing to even pay full price for seats in the Hogan Stand but they are bad seats online too. Should be a fantastic game and looking forward to taking the kid down for the experience

Saffronhurl (National) - 21/06/2019 03:44:40