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Antrim; Bottle Merchants Supreme. - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "There are fellas in both football and hurling squads who think that JUST being selected for the county teams means 'they have made it' and that 'they are the bees knees'. They then swan about the county with undeserved arrogance and the 'don't you know who I am' mindset. I could name them now but obviously won't. They are charlatans and frauds and should **** away off for all the good they do. I know the Antrim club and county scene well and it's been like this for years. At inter county level we are a total disgrace."
Utter nonsense, as usual. I sometimes think that you just post this drivel for a bit of attention. You choose to single out the players all of the time. No set up is perfect. no individual is perfect. Do you get that? Do you honestly believe that the players who sacrifice a personal life to represent our county playing our National games do so for some sort of pseudo celebrity status. Wise up. Do yo honestly believe that they go out to intentionally lose matches? I know lots of the lads involved in both codes and they are the most committed, genuine bunch you could meet. They do the hard yards over the winter, week in and week out to hit the standards required. Yes we don't have the most talented players in either code playing for the County. I know there are some lads who cannot give the commitment required at County level these days and others who prefer to concentrate on their clubs. We should all be doing what we can to get the best infrastructure in place across the county to ensure our clubs can flourish, and that our county teams are the best they can be. Our hurlers were as competitive this year, so far, as they have been in recent times. The footballers are still involved and are work in progress. All of us who care should be doing what we can to improve things. Continually criticising players is not the way to go.

Glensboy (National) - 19/03/2018 10:36:03

The Laois Rising. - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "Very well done to Laois. This is what you get when you put the hard work in, have no fear and believe. The Antrim players should look at this and hang their heads in shame."
You just can't resist having a dig at your own county men. Clueless and classless.

Glensboy (National) - 07/07/2019 21:40:18

Meath vs Antrim - 3 Like(s)
Some real nonsense being posted here, not worth responding to. Replay was the only sensible decision. Let's get it on and may the best team win.

Glensboy (National) - 07/06/2016 16:28:18

Ulster Team Allege Sectarian Abuse. - 3 Like(s)

Replying To PeggyShippen:  "Yeah a few thoughts spring straight into my mind. One the 'abuse' if it happened is not sectarian. Both teams were more than likely predominantly catholic and Irish and one of the 2 teams could reasonably be called both Irish and British if we go by facts. Who says there aren't kids on the team who consider themselves British.. 3 its always striking how thin skinned our Northern Brethern are. Why are Northern Irish teams so thin skinned.Is it pure insecurity ? I thought we were beyond this , apparantly not. Being continuously a victim is in no way empowering."
If this did happen your response is disappointing, naive and ignorant.

Glensboy (National) - 14/06/2018 21:42:53

Leinster Football The Reality - 3 Like(s)
"Dublin received almost €18m in game development grants between 2007 and 2018, significantly more than Cork in second place with €1.4m. Last year Dublin received 22% of the Games Development Fund and in commercial revenue, earned €1.46m in 2017, more than twice that of their closest rival in the financial stakes." Followed by:- "Review of funding not on the GAA agenda - Horan" Sorry John. Unless the GAA looks closely at the funding of Games development across the Association, we could be looking at the end of games, particularly hurling, in weaker Counties. And once that sets in, it will be hard to stop.. Compare the investment in Dublin to that of our next biggest City, Belfast, and its like night and day. Sorry, the figures don't lie.

Glensboy (National) - 24/06/2019 11:41:51

Antrim hurling RIP - 2 Like(s)
Can't let you away with this Ulsterman and OSO. I pay tribute to all of the Antrim panel, managers, selectors and tireless volunteers who give of their time to further our national games and be competitive on an All Ireland stage. Undoubtedly we have issues, as do all counties, and some that are particular to this part of the country. But that is a discussion for another post. What I totally refute is some of the language that is used here to describe our players and officials. It is unworthy of the people who use it. The management team will have mixed views about the success of the season. Promotion gained in an excellent league campaign will be balanced against the failure to secure the Christy Ring. The gamble to select 2 players barely returned from injury failed, but I understand why they took the chance. Anyway, dust down, back to clubs and look forward to a competitive league and championship. I already posted my congratulations to a magnificent Carlow team on their forum and genuinely hope they put it up Laois in their next game.

Glensboy (National) - 11/06/2017 11:21:25

Kildare V Mayo - 2 Like(s)
Finished earlier this year than normal. Tipp would have bate youse last day but for a flukey goal. Perennial underachievers and probably the County most of Ireland root for each year. Nothing to do with injuries. Can't put me finger on it but the lapses over the decades are telling a story. And saying 'great Dublin, Kerry, Meath teams ba'te us just doesn't cut it. Something has to change or expect more of the same. Great football but...........................

Glensboy (National) - 01/07/2018 11:32:31

Rte Missing A Trick ? - 2 Like(s)
Dublin's dominance appears to be affecting many neutrals, who realistically will never see their county in an All Ireland final. No criticism of Dublin, fair play to them but not sure this is the base the GAA was built on and close analysis may show that if the present trend continues, the current model may not be sustainable. If RTE covered enough games, both hurling and football, it should not be beyond the wit of a producer to show more of the best, most exciting games. This of course puts lots of sponsors noses out of joint and there is a lot snobbery attached to both codes where focus has to be given to the top teams, regardless of the one sided games, as was displayed in the hurling yesterday. Back in the day if when Antrim were beaten by those type of scores there was almost a queue of people pushing for Antrim to be downgraded. The Antrim/Offaly hurling match on Saturday was as good a game as I have witnessed in a long long time. All credit to GAANOW for their excellent coverage and commentary. Yes, RTE are missing a trick.

Glensboy (National) - 03/06/2019 10:24:58

Gaanow - 2 Like(s)
All credit to GAANOW. Fantastic coverage, perfect picture, knowledgeable analysis and great commentary. I will be watching next week.

Glensboy (National) - 03/06/2019 11:18:41

Slaughtneil on the march again - 2 Like(s)

Replying To theweanling:  "I respect your opinion and I understand that there are problems in Antrim but slaughneil never got any help in Derry in developing their teams and talents in either code. What they had was a work ethic and desire likes of which are really special. Antrim clubs (and a lot of counties the same including my own) need to take the bull by the horns and make things happen like slaughneil did. The county boards might not be perfect but they're not solely responsible for success at club level"
Ulsterman-As per usual, completely exaggerating the 'state' of club hurling in Antrim. Why can you not just congratulate a very talented and determined Slaughtneil team on their success, for the second year in a row. Be gracious, Just check the records again, and think before your post.

Glensboy (National) - 23/10/2017 16:06:59

Meath V Antrim "The Replay" - 2 Like(s)
Congratulations to Meath, a deserved win. Shame it wasn't on the TV. One of the games of the year.

Glensboy (National) - 25/06/2016 20:38:40

Congrats Tipp!! - 2 Like(s)
Best game of football I watched this year. Well done Tipp. Unlucky Derry

Glensboy (National) - 23/07/2016 19:28:07

All Ireland Club Hurling Championship - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Brian_Coyote:  "Cushendall are a long way short of what they were when they got to the All Ireland Final. Although I want to see the Cushendall Ruairi Orgs win I do believe whoever comes out of Galway will walk into the final by 10-15 points. Antrim and Ulster hurling has gone backwards this past ten years."

Glensboy (National) - 16/11/2018 20:36:52

Media Mayo Mourning - 2 Like(s)
I will say what many posters are feeling. Very sorry for Mayo that they have not been able to get across the line for many many years and their resilience in coming back, year after year is admirable. Some fantastic players and teams that given their supporters, and many others, great enjoyment. No one would begrudge them a title. However, Dublin should be getting all the plaudits here. 3 in a row is a monumental achievement. It is clearly no coincidence that Mayo have not been able to win an All Ireland. So close so many times but always falling short. Sport at the top level is about winners and losers and the truth is, in sporting terms, they are the losers. This is in no way is critical of their place at the very top of the GAA rankings or their love and passion for the game. Its just a fact.

Glensboy (National) - 19/09/2017 10:43:37

Slaughtneil Ulster Hurling Champions - 1 Like(s)
Ulsterman - Pathetic comments. Wind your neck in. Heartiest congratulations to Slaughtneil. Having 'hit the crossbar for the previous 2 years in titanic battles with Cushendall, they finally got over the line. Any amount of stick work, passion, fitness and belief. Will fear no-one going forward. Well done!

Glensboy (National) - 24/10/2016 18:57:16

Andy Moran retires - 1 Like(s)

Replying To The_DOC:  "...and would you say a lot of players retire owing a lot to the GAA?"
Interesting response. My words, carefully chosen, were meant as a tribute to Andy. Strange way that you twisted it. Good luck to Galway in the Football, and Hurling next year.

Glensboy (National) - 28/08/2019 10:13:28

GAA Clubs Had It Tough In The North During The Troubles - 1 Like(s)
MesAmis - Excellent post. The St Enda's club need no advice on who or how to remember as they celebrate their club's development, progression and honour of reaching an All Ireland final. It is fine for people to have different views and share them. However there are 'facts' that must be faced up to so that lessons can be learned and history does not repeat itself. Sadly, as with many GAA clubs across Northern Ireland, St Enda's had many dark days where their members were intimidated, brutalised and murdered. Why? In many peoples eyes their crime was that they were catholics. Stating this fact does not diminish the reality that over 3000 people lost their lives and the suffering and heartbreak that came with that is almost imaginable. In the current debate around Brexit I see little mention of the potential impact on Gaelic games. We should all remember that 'borders' did not just exist along territorial boundaries. Security borders were 'applied' that were used to disrupt, intimidate and instil fear in Gaels going about their lawful business. We can all play a part in ensuring this does not happen and we can never return to those days. There is an immense feeling of pride, that all gaels share, to pull on the jersey and represent your parish and/or county. Whether you are a successful club or just playing the games and doing our best. It matters not. As a minimum we should show respect to each other. No need to set out guidelines for this, we all know what is right. And one sure thing. We should all marvel at the success of St Enda's and have empathy and understanding of what their success was built on.

Glensboy (National) - 31/01/2019 12:47:53

Meath vs Antrim - 1 Like(s)
Clondalkindub- Thing is, 'some' of my more outspoken county compatriots do not see the irony of their criticism of our players. Its still an amateur sport up our way and I cannot bring myself to slate players or management for trying, even if, to some, the efforts might not seem good enough. No player ever goes out to play badly. Fact. So how can we rail them. We can however be critical of the lack of real initiatives from Croke Park for teams outside the 'top table'. Thats for another day. In terms of the game itself. We were not a disaster. We started comfortably and should have put it to bed when we went a few in front. Perhaps with a few of the more experienced players, who are currently unavailable, we would have closed out the game. Our tactics were also clear from early on, and when they were countered by Meath, we didn't appear to have plan b. Thats the nature of sport and the game that we play. However we did not lose the game and a replay should be set, and quickly.

Glensboy (National) - 06/06/2016 13:03:01

Time for HURLING to leave GAA - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Marlon_JD:  ""The question is, do the premier Hurling Counties have any interest or motivation in spreading the gospel to the 'lesser' counties. " Why the need for the constant digs at, for lack of a better term, tier 1 hurling counties? The fact that these counties are keeping hurling going at all in their own counties, and the level/standards they maintain, is testament to the work people in those counties are doing to promote hurling in general. Keeping hurling as a major sport in any county isn't a given, even in counties like Tipp or Cork. These counties have to compete with other sports, such as soccer, rugby etc, as much as anywhere else. And there's now increasing competition from football, even in counties like Tipp. Not that hurling and football should have an adversarial relationship (separate boards for each would help protect both though). Hurling has become even more of a niche sport in the country in general I think, so keeping it going at a top level is challenge for any county, nevermind doing it for other counties as well. We all want hurling in all counties to be given fair treatment, and protected from neglect, thats why I'm suggesting seperate boards/bodies at county level. Although dedicated bodies for each code at provincial level might be just as necessary. And as for counties such as Tipp spreading the gospel to developing hurling counties (I'm not going to indulge the "lesser' counties comment), what do you think Paudi Butler was at for all those years? And where do you think Dinny Cahill was coming from when he was managing Antrim? And what do you think is bringing Liam Sheedy up and down to Antrim for the foreseeable future?"
Marlon - Take a look at the map of Ireland and colour in the hurling strongholds, on a county basis. The rest is a wasteland and the GAA hierarchy should be ashamed about the lack of true initiatives and progress in this wasteland. Your suggestion about Provincial Hurling Boards 'may' work, but our experience in Ulster is not positive.

Glensboy (National) - 17/10/2017 11:41:00

Hurlers 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Well done Carlow. Easy the better team on the day, all round the pitch. Good luck in the qualifiers. We will dust ourselves down, try and bring a few new lads through and go again.

Glensboy (Carlow) - 10/06/2017 18:46:50