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Euro 2016 - 3 Like(s)
Just got back yesterday and have to say the night in Lyon will stay with me the rest of my days, I don't think that the three points will be enough as to expect anything from the Germany match is asking a bit much,I only saw the highlights from Ireland's match against Belgium and have to say they were naive, but Belgium on paper are a different class to 95% of the teams in the competition, anyway onto Italy for you guys and no matter what side they put out it will be hard to get the win you require, so if you do get that win it will be a great result and a deserved progression, good luck to both sides in their final group games.

jackieblue (ElevenASide) - 19/06/2016 20:46:13

Why there are two Ireland football teams - 1 Like(s)
Listen guys, take it from someone who is at windsor regularly for both Linfield and Northern Ireland matches , when my National team is playing I have never seen a Rangers football top being worn, I have never heard the famine song being sung, for this past lot of years I haven,t even heard the sash or any other tunes that could possibly offend anyone, The bouncy was on the go 8 or 10 years before that terrible murder in portadown, but sure if you say it often enough you might even start to believe it. I have saw Linfield tops worn to international matches and I have not got a problem with that as they are also NI fans, the same way as I wouldn't have a problem with a Derry city shirt or shamrock rovers shirt at Ireland matches.I have also saw a few crazies on you tube spewing bile from a so called loyalist tradition, the same way as I have watched so called republic of Ireland fans chanting iRA songs, I don't label the whole Irish support as rabid republicans, I do know that like the NI support the vast majority of Irish fans are among the best in the world. To listen to some posters on here (the usual suspects) you would think that nothing has changed over the years, believe me guys it has, we are not perfect and never will be, but while Northern Ireland continues to exist and have a football team then some of our posters won't be happy, my advice to them is life is too short to fester so much hatred so please move on .

jackieblue (ElevenASide) - 26/05/2016 14:33:50

Why there are two Ireland football teams - 1 Like(s)
Lockjaw, the republic have one quality player Seamus Coleman (who has not even been at his best this season) the rest are squad players in the premier league and a mix of championship and below,Northern Ireland may well get thumped at the Euros (although I doubt that very much) even if we do we are already winners by just being there and topping our group as well. despite the ill will shown to your Northern cousins by a few of the posters on here who are certainly not representative of any Irish supporters that i know I wish your team all the best in the Euros.

jackieblue (ElevenASide) - 25/05/2016 13:13:45