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Casement Park - 2 Like(s)
Gary The reality is that this stadium ( also an potential asset to the gaa on non Ulster championship days) is being built where it is deemed it will generate most financial revenue. You represent a typical narrow minded parochial view point all too common in the GAA community that it should facilitate you so you don't have to travel so far when you may or may not choose to travel on Ulster Championship day. It is clear that like most rural Derry GAA people you HATE Antrim especially the west Belfast fraternity, get over it my friend!! Having seen how much money Bruce Springsteen has generated the GAA in the last few weeks surely you can see that a modern day stadium in the city with the best infra structure and accessibility is the only option. No one, and I mean no one would consider attending such an event in a backwater! This stadium is not being paid for by the GAA so don't harp on about our stadium for our games, this is 2016, this is a financial decision and a business decision to get the most in return in revenue. If you don't like it, don't go, it's simple!! Your bigoted attitude won't be missed and I assume wherever you go on match day you're too miserable to contribute much to the surrounding event other than the price of your match ticket (which you probably gripe about) in addition to how much your diesel costs you to get there. You, my friend, are an asset to no one. It's happening, try to move with the times, enjoy the surroundings if you do go and make an occasion of it.

oso (National) - 05/06/2016 10:06:01

Casement Park - 2 Like(s)

Replying To GaryMc82:  "Is OSO your alter-ego Ulsterman? It's not something I have ever really encountered, nor is it something I practice myself. In truth, I see and work with people from Donegal and Tyrone, as well as Cavan and maybe Sligo or Fermanagh. I never had a dislike to Belfast, or Belfast people for that matter. And I can't say I have seen a generalised dislike the way your posts suggest"
Gary You have wiped the floor with no one! Your ideals are outdated and your arguements flawed and you contradict yourself. On one had you recognise the corporate aspect that all modern era stadia require for maintenance and to generate income and then you begin rambling about Slane Castle??? I noted that you only went once and never returned, was it having to slump it of the infrastructure? I think that what the majority want and what we deserve these days when go to games is a modern state of the art stadium with amenities inside but also out and around the stadium where we can meet up with people we haven't met prehaps in a while, HAVE THE OPTION of food and drinks if we choose in comfort and not have people like you dictate that we can't have that as you want a "greenfield site". Now you can big up Omagh all you want, but it's a traffic nightmare and unlike Nowlan park it is well isolated from higher population concentrations. The national stadium is in Dublin and you don't here Kerry people moaning that it should be somewhere more central as they have had to travel to it more than most on all Ireland final day. Guess what? It's an occasion for some people Gary and they want to enjoy it in comfort and however else they please. Now if you just want to turn up and go home after fair play, go for it, you STILL HAVE THE OPTION in Belfast!! If you want to make a weekend of it and stay over in Omagh you're options are pretty limited. So let's give everyone THE OPTION how they want to enjoy their teams day in the sun!! Remember some of us, and your own county included, don't get very many!! Why shouldn't the governement contribute the the development of the stadium, they have a duty to provide for their population. If you think that the Irish didn't cough up for croke and it was solely paid for by the GAA you are deluded!! And where does the money go? Into promoting games home and abroad, just watched on TV that they are giving New York 2 million to help develop Gaelic park and facilities. Move with the times man! As for your trol comment, you ignoramus, read my previous posts and you will see I don't share the same views as Ulsterman. I will not justify your broken record drivel with another response, you don't speak for the majority, you don't even take them into consideration, you do however belong in the ham sandwich brigade who don't put their hands in their pockets or generate any revenue on match day and want as cheap a day out as possible!!

oso (National) - 05/06/2016 17:20:44

Mayo Antics - 1 Like(s)
1st lets dispel the myth that Gaelic football is played by "men". This sort of behaviour says more about a man's honour and character than the simple result of a football match. 2nd Joe McQuillan has form, always bows to the big team. Again, honour and character missing. 3rd amateur organisation in every sense of the word.

oso (National) - 09/07/2016 21:48:33