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It Just Doesn't Feel Right - 5 Like(s)
The match is a foregone conclusion, sport is supposed to be about unpredictability. The public have turned their backs on football

M Lyster (National) - 29/08/2018 15:38:35

Leinster Round Robin - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Sparrow:  "Well the round robin is to facilitate weaker counties. I see your point about Kildare but Kerry were being trounced in Munster every year. There's very few counties who make real effort at Hurling so we should help people like those in Kerry who are sailing against the tide."
The only problem I have with the Leinster round robin is it's unfair when compared to the sacred Munster championship. A Munster county could lose all its Munster championship games for the next ten years and still be safe in the Liam McCarthy Cup. If a Leinster county loses all its Leinster championship games for the next ten years they will end up in the round robin and eventually relegated to the Christy Ring Cup. Why should Munster counties only be protected from relegation to the Christy Ring Cup?

M Lyster (National) - 24/04/2017 17:14:59

European Football Finals - 3 Like(s)
Won't be a cow milked in Amsterdam tonight

M Lyster (National) - 20/10/2018 22:11:37

How Will The Football Championship Be Tiered By 2021? - 3 Like(s)
The pitiful coverage given to hurling below the top tier should be a warning for anyone calling for a tiered football championship. Below the Dublin/Kerry/Mayo top tier there would be no coverage if it.

M Lyster (National) - 13/06/2018 23:05:22

Arlene Foster At The Ulster Final - 3 Like(s)
I live in a large town in County Antrim that has a DUP-controlled council. Members of Arlene Foster's party fought and fought for years trying to prevent a GAA club being set up in my town. This is empty gesture politics from the DUP, they have a long, long way to go to try and make me forget their past.

M Lyster (National) - 24/06/2018 23:29:26

The West Awake!! - 2 Like(s)
Three of them on the same side of the draw as Kerry. My money's on the Kingdom to progress to the final.

M Lyster (National) - 22/07/2017 20:43:58

Tipperary v Armagh - 2 Like(s)
If Tyrone beat Down and Monaghan beat Carlow who will Down play in round 4B? They will have played both Armagh and Monaghan already in the Championship. Will a draw be required?

M Lyster (National) - 15/07/2017 18:55:06

Who Can Challenge Dublin In 2019 - 2 Like(s)
Nobody will challenge them. The GAA have a real problem on their hands, the football championship is a busted flush. I used to never miss a game but barely watched it this year. Ironically the hurling championship was great and has probably never been more competitive.

M Lyster (National) - 03/09/2018 18:58:29

Colm O'Rourke is nearly 60......... - 2 Like(s)
Colm O'Rourke was nearly 38 when he hung up the boots for Meath so no surprise he's nearly 60 now.

M Lyster (National) - 23/08/2017 15:14:21

Lost Revenue - 2 Like(s)
The fact that the GAA are content to let Div 4 remain unfinished should be a big wake-up for those calling for a 2-tiered championship. It shows the GAA have no interest in weaker counties and any 2nd tier championship wouldn't be promoted at all, much like the maligned Tommy Murphy cup.

M Lyster (National) - 27/03/2018 15:59:06

CCCC hurling proposals change tier 2 teams status - 2 Like(s)

Replying To as_ky:  "Absolutely disgraceful treatment to Kerry, a Leinster side wins the Christy ring and they go straight into leinster but if Kerry win it the have to play a play off against the bottom Munster side. Basically consigning Kerry to tier 2 with no chance of progression. How is this developing the game"
It's just about keeping the sacred Munster hurling championship between the current 5 counties. Disgraceful proposal.

M Lyster (National) - 05/09/2017 18:40:56

Cavan Vs Tyrone - 2 Like(s)
Ulster teams seem to have a magnetic ability to be paired together during these draws...

M Lyster (National) - 01/07/2019 15:06:11

The West Awake!! - 1 Like(s)
Munster had three teams in the quarters last year, Ulster had four teams in the quarters the year before. Leinster is more like the poor relation.

M Lyster (National) - 22/07/2017 21:12:38

Confess Your Really Unpopular View/Opinion - 1 Like(s)
Slaughtneill being a dual club has cost them an All-Ireland in football this year and last year.

M Lyster (National) - 24/02/2018 20:54:24

Antrim Hurlers for Christy Ring??? - 1 Like(s)
Great result yesterday for Antrim after a miserable couple of years. I honestly expected Carlow to beat us. It was vital that we got promoted this year as Div 2 is going to be very difficult to get out of next year with Kerry, Carlow, Westmeath, Kildare, Meath & London involved. Next priority for Antrim is to win the Christy Ring cup that we should have won last year and get back into the Leinster chmpionship.

M Lyster (Antrim) - 02/04/2017 15:11:05

Christy Ring 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Fantastic result for Antrim again, we've certainly had the measure of Carlow this year after a disappointing couple of years. The games are always close though, we're both right about the same level. I expect to meet Carlow again in the final. Very important for Antrim to get back to the Liam McCarthy with Div 1B hurling confirmed for next spring.

M Lyster (National) - 22/04/2017 21:07:37

Antrim footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)
McGrath linked with Antrim. Please let this happeN


M Lyster (Antrim) - 21/07/2017 18:54:04

Croke Park zero atmosphere - 1 Like(s)

Replying To bloodyban:  "Croke Park is part of the problem. The stadium doesn't lend itself to a cauldron in it's open ended design and stands being set too far back from the large pitch. I know alot of rugby guys who filled Ireland in Croker said the place just didn't have an atmosphere compared to the much tighter Aviva. That's not comparing like with like but it's another valid point."
Agree, I've always felt that Croke is just too big for most games outside of the All Ireland semis and finals.

M Lyster (National) - 06/08/2017 20:07:05

All Ireland Final 18 - Dublin V Tyrone - 1 Like(s)
Dubs to walk it again. They won't have seen anything today that would bother them.

M Lyster (National) - 12/08/2018 17:32:04

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 1 Like(s)

Replying To thelongridge:  "True. A big win for Kerry on Saturday, not even mentioned on the programme. It was the same on Sean O'Rourke this morning, not a word."
This is what's going to happen to the lower tier if/when the 2 tier championship comes in. No coverage. Brolly mentioned 'the Dubs' seven times during his 'analysis' of Mayo v Roscommon and was constantly interrupting & talking over Des Cahill & Ciaran Whelan. Whelan even told him to be quiet at one point. Dreadful stuff.

M Lyster (National) - 27/05/2019 13:38:54