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April 15, 2019


Lotto results 14th April Nos: 12,14 ,17 ,22


€40 Winners: Kevin McKiernan, Stephen Tierney, Sean Magaraghan, Fintan O Reilly

BBridge, Ann Marie O Shannon.

Next week’s Jackpot €2300 in Hillside on Monday 22nd April at 9pm.

Tickets can be Purchased in local businesses, at matches and from the Lotto Committee and sellers.

Killeshandra Reserved

Killeshandra v Arva on Saturday the game ended Killeshandra 2-05 Arva 2-15. Unlucky lads well done Arva.

Team: Ronan Braiden, Mark Nulty, Connor Calder, James Dinneny, Ryan Dinneny, Luke

Bevis, Ryan Brady, Darron O’ Hanlon, John Cosgrove, Mark Shannon, Adrian Martin. Subs:

Connor Reilly(goalie), Stuart Bell, Paddy King, Niall Connolly, Danny Flynn, Adrian Maguire,

Glen Shanley.

Round 5

Killeshandra v Templeport on Saturday the 27th April in Killeshandra at 5pm. Please support

the lads.

ACFL 2019 Division 3 Rd3

Killeshandra v Templeport in round 3 on Sunday the game ended Killeshandra 2-12(18)

Templeport 0-09(9) Congratulations on a great win lads.

Team: Joe Masterson, Michael Reilly, Darragh Tighe, Shane McGurren, Ryan Bennett,

Tomas O'Reilly, Gerry Clark, Conor Reilly, Aaron Brady, Shane Reilly, Daniel Luby, Shane

Murphy, Connor McGerty, Cein Sweeney, Eoin Brady. Subs: Darren O’ Hanlon, James

Dinneny, Luke Bevis, Ryan Dinneny, Stuart Bell, Ryan Brady, Mark Nulty, Adrian Martin,

Round 4

Killeshandra v Kill Shamrocks on Saturday the 20th April at 5pm in Killeshandra. Please

support the lads.

U17 League 2019 Division 2 Final

The U17 League Final took place on Sunday. St. Joseph's v Killinkere the game started well

for Killinkere with them scoring the first point of the game from a 20 meter free in the 4th

minute thanks to Cian McGovern(8) another free to Killinkere seen them get the second

point Alex Sweeney(10) getting it. Killinkere dominating the game as they take the lead

thanks to Cian McGovern(8) scoring an impressive 1-2 in the next 7 minutes along with

Harry Banville(2) getting a great point as well. St Joes opened their score line after 16

minutes with a 20 meter free Darragh O’ Reilly(13) getting a good point. Killinkere received

another free and Cian McGovern(8) taking another point for this team. St. Joseph's were

awarded a penalty in the 19th minute thanks to Darragh O’ Reilly(13) who had a great run

from midfield with the ball only to be pulled down in the box Darragh O’ Reilly(13) took the

penalty and got St. Joes a much needed goal. The next 5 minutes seen St. Joseph’s settle

into the game and score another 3 points thanks to Darragh O’ Reilly(13) getting two and

Daniel Daly(9) getting the other. Killinkeres Cian McGovern(8) was on form and got his 5th

point of the game and a free seen him get another just before half time. Half Time Score St.

Joseph’s 1-04(7) Killinkere 1-08(10).

Second half got underway with St. Joes getting of to a great start with Charlie Madden(6)

with a great run passing it to Barry Donnelly(12) who in turn passed it to Daniel Daly(9)

Daniel then with a great pass back to Barry Donnelly(12) who opened the net with a goal for

St. Joes. Barry Donnelly(12) yet again got the ball and took a shot and got a mighty point

with it hitting the crossbar and over to draw the game. Great pass in from Darragh O’

Reilly(13) to Joe Reilly(8) and he followed with another point for St. Joes. A great block from

Killinkeres number 3 Harry McQuaid stopped St. Joes getting another goal. Harry Banville(2)

had a great run up the middle for killinkere and sent it onto Phelim Cusack(13) whos shot

was well blocked but got the ball again and didn’t miss a second time Goal for Killinkere.

Another free for Killinkere Alex Sweeney(10) getting the point to take Killinkere 3 points

ahead followed by a great run form midfield from Cormac O’Reilly(5) to get another point.

The nerves was definitely starting to show by both sides as a good few points were missed

but St. Joes got the break in the 16th minute with great play showed by Daniel Daly(9) and

Darragh O’Reilly(13) with a great run in to pass it to Joe Reilly(8) who got the so important

Goal St. Joes needed. St. Joseph’s showed great skill and managed to get the next two

points Darragh O’Reilly(13) getting one and Barry Donnelly(12) getting the other to lead for

the first time by one point they also had a chance in the 21st minute by Ronan Mullally(14)

who went for goal but a great save by Oisin O’Hanlon. Killinkere were not lying down and in

the 26th minute got a point thanks to Cormac O’Reilly(5) to bring it back to a level game.

Second half was a great show of football by both teams and gave the crowd a great close

game to watch. Harry Banville(2) for Killinkere got the all important point to go one ahead in

the game in the 28th minute.The next few minutes was going to be tight and the tension was

high. Killinkere had a chance at a goal by Phelim Cusack(13) but St. Joes keeper Troy

Hewitt(1) held his nerve to save it in the 30 minute. Killinkere had that little bit of fight left in

them and managed to get a 20 meter free Alex Sweeney(10) stepping up to take it and didn’t

miss it to give Killinkere the two point win over St. Joseph's. Final Score St. Joseph’s

3-08(17) Killinkere 2-13(19). Hard luck to St. Joseph’s it just wasn't your day and

Congratulations to Killinkere. Congratulations to both teams on an excellent game of football

to watch.


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U15 League Division 5

St. Joseph's v CLG Cuchulainn on Wednesday 10th April the game ended St. Joseph's

8-02(26) Cuchulainns 3-10(19). Congratulations on the win lads.

Round 3

St. Joseph's v Ballinagh on Wednesday 17th April at 7pm in Killeshandra. Best of luck lads.

Please support

U15 League Division 2

St. Joseph's v CLG Cuchulainn on Thursday 11th April the game ended St.Joseph's

10-08(38) Cuchulainns 2-08(14). Congratulations lads on the win.

Round 3

Killeshandra v cnoc bríde on Thursday the 18th April at 7pm in Killeshandra. Best of luck

lads. Please support

Little Leaguers and under 7 Academy

Training is every Saturday morning from 10am to 11am in Killeshandra GAA grounds.

Nursery Boys and Girls aged 4-5

U7 Academy Boys and Girls aged 6-7

U13 League Division 4

The U13 League will start on Tuesday the 16th April Killeshandra with play Cornafean at


U12s St. Joseph's girls

Congratulations to the U12 Girls who won their game today Sunday against Lavey in Arva.

The game ended St. Joseph's 0-23 Lavey 0-07 well done Girls.

Scoil Bhride

Scoil Bhride National School Killeshandra are now taking enrolment for September 2019.

For more information you can call on 0494334886 or email [email protected]

Quiz Night Killeshandra Festival Of The Lakes

Killeshandra Festival of the lakes Committee Present a table quiz on Friday 19th April at

9.30pm in Hayes €40 per team of 4 and spots prizes on the night. Please support.

Facility / Field Bookings

All field and facilities used must be booked through Vice Secretary Seamus O Reilly contact

Number 0866032276.

Club Gear

The club gear can now be purchased online on the O'Neills website.


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