Cavan - Minor League 2012

Any of ye know when it's starting ?

dickchicken (Cavan) - Posts:141 - 06/01/2012 18:40:35   1089751

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12th of february

madaboutgaa (Cavan) - Posts:120 - 06/01/2012 21:41:36   1089865

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Ya know whos in what division ?

dickchicken (Cavan) - Posts:141 - 07/01/2012 14:13:09   1089954

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Clubs have until the 16th of Jan to enter teams , nothing decided until then ,

hurl (All) - Posts:17 - 08/01/2012 15:55:39   1090286

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is there only 3 divisions this year?? and is there many teams joining together.. Gowna and Lacken are joining for definate anyway

Dorman (Cavan) - Posts:30 - 12/01/2012 19:48:57   1092810

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Ya know whos in what division

younglad77 (Cavan) - Posts:3 - 20/01/2012 18:10:55   1097252

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Shercock and Kingscourt are joining up again to . .

black1890 (Leitrim) - Posts:30 - 21/01/2012 12:07:36   1097468

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Division 1; Cavan Gaels, O'Raghaillaigh Gaels, St. Finbarrs, St. Joseph's, Ballymachugh, Castlerathan, Ramor..

O'Raghaillaigh gaels should not be allowed to join. Kingscourt on their own made the under 16 league final 2 years ago and to add to this they have a shercock team that made a roinn a under 14 final at this age group..what hope have clubs on there own against them like ballymachugh, ramor....

wakawaka (Cavan) - Posts:8 - 21/01/2012 13:00:46   1097493

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Division 1

O Raghallaigh Gaels
St. Finbarrs
Cavan Gaels
Ramor Utd.

Division 2A

Laragh Utd.
St, Killians

Division 2B

Shannon Gaels/Dennacrieve Gaels
Erne Gaels
Southern Gaels

Division 3

Blackwater Gaels

madaboutgaa (Cavan) - Posts:120 - 21/01/2012 13:44:38   1097506

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wakawaka is that all thats in the division ? . .be very open even though o raghallaigh shouldnt be let join ,st,finbarrs beat kingscourt on there own 2 years ago at u 16 after coming up from division 2 and lost a controversial semi against cavan gaels by a point and st josephs are as good a team as any there, ballymacugh will be well fit for division 1 to , castlerahan also made championship final ,should be interesting . .

black1890 (Leitrim) - Posts:30 - 21/01/2012 13:57:29   1097509

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ballymachugh and joes will be right up there this year

FATBOY2010 (Cavan) - Posts:21 - 21/01/2012 15:00:14   1097534

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divison1:st finbars will win it
divison2: bailieboro will win it or crosserlough

asdfg (Cavan) - Posts:284 - 21/01/2012 15:16:27   1097541

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ye division one will be tough , laragh and lavey will run division 2 tight as well . .

black1890 (Leitrim) - Posts:30 - 21/01/2012 19:43:05   1097640

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who do you think will win out the 3 division.

younglad77 (Cavan) - Posts:3 - 22/01/2012 16:58:14   1097841

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division 3 is killygarrys to lose... they should win it however you wouldnt know with these amalganations..

asdfg (Cavan) - Posts:284 - 22/01/2012 18:09:36   1097887

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killgarry are in 2

jfkcavan (Cavan) - Posts:315 - 22/01/2012 19:49:23   1097990

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format is very interesting this year think ballymac will struggle cause they wont have the quality all over the field o railligh wont be as strong this year as they lack the same quality as last year finbarrs will do well have a well balanced team and will be a though nut to crack gaels will be gaels win every game up to the final and then loose. joes and ramor will not be at races at all lack the cutting edge needed at that level castlerahan are like arsenal, stop flanagan stop castlerahan, division looks a tasty encounter well balanced teams who have youthful panels. bailieborough and the lough are two names that stand out laragh drumalee denn will struggle for numbers and results

waynerooney11 (Cavan) - Posts:118 - 22/01/2012 20:37:48   1098040

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st finbarrs favourites ? your joking

FATBOY2010 (Cavan) - Posts:21 - 22/01/2012 21:16:33   1098086

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County: Cavan
Posts: 19

st finbarrs favourites ? your joking

Beat Kinscourt straight out of division 2 in first round of championship and them only after losing league final and lost in the semi to the gaels by a point after a dissallowed goal ,will be up there certainly but wouldn't say favourites,that would have to be o raghaillaigh gaels and cant see ballymacugh struggling . .

black1890 (Leitrim) - Posts:30 - 23/01/2012 11:59:27   1098302

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granted i do think that o railligh will be the favorites this year but not overwhelming like last year. whats the format for division 2 league and championship.

waynerooney11 (Cavan) - Posts:118 - 24/01/2012 17:09:11   1099608

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