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Total revamp of the club scene needed

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Instead of always griping why don't we admit that reducing the number of Clubs @ Senior & Intermediate has made for more competitive games at all levels. Bringing the championship to the club grounds has improved atmosphere in the earlier rounds and while this was more to do with the work being done in KBP it was a success and should not be discarded next year. The pitch in KBP is magnificent and added to the two recent County Finals and hopefully will aid our teams into the future. For next year we need to complete the Club League and Championships much earlier so that our Champions have time to enjoy their success while giving Ulster Competitions a real go. Wishing Mickey Graham all the best. There are talented footballers out there we need to do what we can to ensure the best get a chance to prove that

rahanman (Cavan) - Posts: 118 - 29/10/2018 16:07:04    2148614