Carter questions GPA awards selection

26 November 2006
Former Kilkenny star Charlie Carter has praised the 2006 All-Star hurling selection, claiming it is “more balanced” than the GPA equivalent.

And writing in his Sunday newspaper column, Carter asks the question: Did Cork’s stranglehold on the GPA adversely effect votes for the best players?

Whereas the GPA’s Team of the Year was dominated by Cork players, All-Ireland champions Kilkenny fared best in the All-Star selection, receiving two more awards than the Rebels.

Said Carter: “Going on the All-Stars hurling selection, maybe it’s time to let journalists pick the teams and players play the games because the All-Stars hurling team is a better selection than the one voted on by the players.

“It is more balanced. Kilkenny won everything in front of them this year – Walsh Cup, National League and the All-Ireland title. Yet the GPA awards featured six Cork players and only four from Kilkenny.

“With Donal O’Grady chairing the selection committee and Cork very active in the GPA, did that impact on the final 15? Obviously it’s the players voting, so I don’t know if all the Kilkenny team cast their votes.

“The All-Star awards are a reverse of the GPA’s, with six Kilkenny and four Cork men honoured.”

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