Cavanagh wants county season condensed "even further"

December 13, 2018

Sean Cavanagh celebrates Moy's All-Ireland victory at the final whistle

Former Tyrone captain Sean Cavanagh says further changes must be made to the GAA calendar.

The three-time All-Ireland winner feels that separating the club and inter-county seasons could be an option to explore and also says he isn’t convinced that April’s ‘club only’ month is the correct approach.  

“I think there’s still a bit more to go there,” Cavanagh told The Irish News. “The whole ‘club month’ for April, I’m not convinced that works because the reality is that the guys who are with the county have just finished a very hectic (National) League campaign, where they were playing virtually week on week.

“Then they come back to their clubs and I know this year the likes of (my brother) Colm and Harry (Loughran) didn’t, or couldn’t, play in those games with the club, because they were carrying niggles.

“I know from being a county player that you do have your eye on the Championship, which can be just a few weeks down the line. I’m not convinced (April) is the right thing to do…

“I would be very much in favour of trying to condense the county season even further and maybe bring it further forward. Just let the guys have the county season from January to June, or something like that, and then start the club season.”

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