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Replying To Northernboy:  "Who can stop Bray for 4 in a row ?
We have the most balanced team and the best 5 hurlers in wicklow = Hendo, Jacky, Cunningham, Mikey, Doyle. I can't see anyone to stop 5 or 6 in a row myself.
Carnew no forwards
Glenealy given up
Pats traveling down wrong road
Greystones not enough players

Any thoughts ?"
Glenealy given up. Explain??

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1091 - 25/04/2017 15:37:54    1982568


Replying To Wicklowman:  "Glenealy given up. Explain??"
Northernboy, nobody could see Tipp being stopped last Sunday in either so dream on.

major (Wicklow) - Posts: 3 - 25/04/2017 16:39:21    1982589


Doyle and Cunningham are very average hurlers northernboy,when Glenealy and Carnew were winning championships I don't think they had supporters like you coming on talking waffle like this...There could be a sting in there tails yet as I no they both won't want Bray doing 4 in a row,we may wait and see !!!

brollyboy (Wicklow) - Posts: 131 - 25/04/2017 18:58:30    1982630